Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ya Gotta Love Bill Barr

So, about that DoJ letter to Robert Mueller, laying out the parameters of his permissible testimony. We're now hearing, per sundance at CTH, that it was Nadler who asked Mueller to get something in writing from DoJ. It seems pretty clear that in Nadler's delusional universe he imagines that portraying AG Barr as the evil minion of the Orange Man who is preventing Mueller from telling the full truth will somehow spark outrage across the fruited plain. How pathetic. The populace across the fruited plain has better things to do than to watch Nadler's impeachment theater and, in any event, has long since discounted anything that Nadler can stage.

This video clip, below, of Barr addressing all this is priceless. You need to watch it to get the full effect. In responding to questions about the letter, Barr offers his usual laconic, two words or less, responses. Yes, Mueller asked for the letter. The fun part is when Barr is asked if he has any reaction to being held in contempt of Congress. He first gives his usual, straight-faced, 'No,' then reconsiders and breaks into a big grin: "Goes with the territory--these days."

Could anything speak more loudly to the regard he holds Congressional Dems in? And does it suggest that he knows their day is coming?



  1. Bill Barr is the right man for the job at the right place at the right time.

  2. Regarding the hope Barr is proceeding in a direction we want. No doubt Barr has heard, first hand, Trump's opinion of D.C.
    And Trump made his opinion clear again today. From his speech transcript:

    "And you know what? Somebody had to do what I did. It’s not pleasant. We have a deep state. We have bad people. We have sick people."