Monday, July 8, 2019

Briefly Noted: Will Jeffrey Epstein Get Bail?

If someone tries to get you to bet that Epstein will be released on bail--don't do it. Will Chamberlain explains it all, and as a bonus explains why the non-prosecution agreement in Florida won't stop the SDNY from prosecuting Epstein

Right off the bat its clear why SDNY thinks it can pick up the baton
Alleging that Epstein trafficked girls in New York as well as Florida.

Another fascinating tidbit - SDNY argues against bail due to a high risk of witness tampering/obstruction of justice.
Evidence? Well, in the prior case, Epstein proffered a plea to precisely those charges! 
Also, when it comes to the actual laws on bail, it's not good for Epstein: bail is presumed to be inappropriate when someone is charged with a sex trafficking offense. 
Pretty compelling argument against Jeffrey Epstein getting bail

Yeah that non-prosecution agreement in Florida isn't going to save Jeffrey Epstein.
Second Circuit law is pretty clear on the question 

FYI - this bail memorandum from SDNY is in many ways more enlightening than the indictment:


  1. Would I be crazy to think the SDNY will be protecting all Epstein-affiliated Democrat child-molesters from further scrutiny with Cooperation Agreements?
    Is it too cynical to see this simply as Democrats surrendering Epstein to circle their wagons against the deplorables who despise child moleters?

    1. You wouldn't be crazy, but I'm quite sure that you'd be mistaken. The local FBI and the NYPD task force have been stewing over this and other cases for years. They simply wouldn't stand for it, and the pleadings thus far are far to revelatory to allow for any coverup at this point.

  2. I haven't yet read the article by Will Chamberlain but I have a comment. I have come to respect him. He talks of "wartime conservatives" vs "peacetime conservatives." I assume that he puts National Review in the latter category. Plus I love his snark and his podcasts, for lack of a better word, where he reads live comments and then responds on the fly.

    My thought is that there are some Dems who might start having sleepless nights. It sounds appalling what went down at his island. And Slick Willy seems to be related to this case, somehow.

    Although, I am not happy about Comey's daughter being anywhere near this case. I've had my fill of one Comey with out needing to see a picture of her at the women's march in 2017.

    1. "When Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is out there signaling for her mother on this immediately, you know this is bad."

      This just might be Trump's thermonuclear option. As Ann Coulter said, watch this closely.

  3. With the renewed interest in the Clinton angle I would think Epstein would be begging for protective custody. Wouldn't want him to suicide on the way to the showers or some such.