Friday, July 26, 2019

Trump: The One-Man Rebuke

The conclusion to Matthew Continetti's article today--Why impeachment isn't going away:

Democrats overwhelmingly support impeachment. Forty percent of adults in the most recent Economist/YouGov survey say Congress should try to impeach President Trump. That number rises to 70 percent among Democrats. It is no wonder why. Trump is a one-man rebuke of progressivism, of political correctness, of a humanitarianism that does not recognize citizenship or national borders. Since 2016 an entire media-political infrastructure has been built to push the messages that Trump's election was illegitimate, Trump's actions in and out of office are criminal, and Trump ought to be excised from the government as quickly as possible. Even if Mueller and his report fade from view—and there is no guarantee they will—the president's adversaries will continue to search for the annihilating angel who will deliver them from Donald Trump. 
Why? Because the impeachment debate is not about what Trump has done, is doing, or might do. It is about whether he and the social forces he represents are entitled to rule.

They hate you. They really hate you.


  1. The thing about children and their temper tantrums is that they exhaust themselves with their emotion-laden ranting and crying protestations--and eventually stop, fall asleep, and forget what all the fuss was about after a nap.

    Unfortunately, Democrats just start right up where they left off after their nap...

    1. Speaking of just starting right up again, here's an article that makes a simple point, but one that people forget--The Real Russian Meddling: The Old Left and the New Democratic Party: Bernie and the DSA types are the direct descendants of the old CPUSA.

  2. It's curious that what's changed is the sound bites of the old CPUSA that merited zero coverage in the old media environment, now pass the lips of US Senators as legitimate policy for the public's consideration--if only because the new media environment feasts on sensation and outrage, even when, or especially when, the pronouncement is insane. The rhetorical appeal tugs at emotional heartstrings rather than logical policy based on messy, but real-world conditions.

    That the dust bin of history contains all the evidence of failure necessary to dispatch communism/socialism forever--instead, it is passed around like a shiny new bauble just discovered in a previously unopened gift box. Novelty discovered at the intersection of ignorance and inexperience.