Friday, July 12, 2019

Big News, Good News: Trump Wants To Dump Coats

This is good news, and it also explains for those who have been wondering about the declass process. Sundance can climb off the ledge.

Jonathan Swan is reporting at Axios: Trump tells confidants he's eager to remove [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats. For perspective, Coats as DNI is the successor to James Clapper. And Trump has been eager to get rid of Coats since February. Do I need to remind anyone that Bill Barr became AG on February 14, 2019?

Trump's reasons are at least twofold:

1) Coats is obstructing declass, and 
2) Trump regards the DNI as an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.

Don't doubt that among the "confidants" with whom Trump is discussing this is Bill Barr. And, by the way, Coats was probably appointed at the recommendation of Mike Pence.

Here's how Swan leads off:

President Trump has told confidants he's eager to remove Dan Coats as director of national intelligence, according to five sources who have discussed the matter directly with the president. 
The state of play: Trump hasn't told our sources when he plans to make a move, but they say his discussions on the topic have been occurring for months — often unprompted — and the president has mentioned potential replacements since at least February. A source who spoke to Trump about Coats a week ago said the president gave them the impression that the move would happen "sooner rather than later." 
* The director of national intelligence serves as an overseer of the U.S. intelligence community and a close adviser to the president and National Security Council, producing each day's top-secret Presidential Daily Brief. 
* A source with direct knowledge told me that Trump has privately said he thinks the Office of the Director of National Intelligence represents an unnecessary bureaucratic layer and that he would like to get rid of it. He has been told that eliminating the ODNI is not politically possible, but still would like to "downsize" the office, the source said. 

"Five sources who have discussed the matter directly with the president?" That sounds like a pretty well sourced report! It also sounds like a hot button issue for Trump.

TGP comments--and this sounds very right:

Dan Coats is a Deep State stooge and is causing a bottleneck for Barr and Durham in the declassification process in their Spygate investigation. 
Recall, in May of this year, Dan Coats warned Attorney General Bill Barr against releasing “highly-sensitive classified information” would imperil national security after President Trump ordered a declassification of Spygate documents. 
“As part of that process, I am confident that the Attorney General will work with the IC in accordance with the long-established standards to protect highly-sensitive classified information that, if publicly released, would put our national security at risk,” Coats previously said.

Trump trusts Barr, and if Barr needs Coats gone, well ... sooner rather than later.


  1. William Barr has remarked that after he became the US Attorney General and began to inquire about the origin of the RussiaGate hoax, he found that practically no explanation had been developed.

    Barr became the Attorney General in February 2019 -- almost two years after Dan Coats became the Director of National Intelligence.

    As soon as Coats became the DNI, his highest priority should have been to figure out the origin of the RussiaGate hoax.

    Now Coats has been the DNI for two years and four months. Evidently, he has not done anything during all that time to figure out that origin.

    1. That sounds like a fair assessment.

      Another worthless establishment goof that Trump was saddled with on the advice of other establishment types. Like Sessions, Acosta, etc.

    2. "Another worthless establishment goof..."

      Need to get rid of Wray, too.

      If I can dream I'd like to see John Roberts and Lindsey Graham gone too...Mitt Romney, too.

    3. Politically I suppose Trump needs to prioritize, and if Wray is with the program now--being under DoJ's thumb--then Coats is the best target.

  2. To those who have eyes to see - certainly to those who author or post on this site - it's long been clear that Coats was on the swampy side of things and therefore needs to go. But since I'm very much of the 'once bitten, twice shy' variety, I'll keep my dancing shoes in the closet until the trigger actually gets pulled and a proper replacement is made. Not being negative, just fingers crossed is all.

    OTOH, it will be perhaps the most encouraging sign yet of things being taken properly seriously if the hammer does come down. Yanking from power those who are keeping things buried is a must if we are ever to get to the bottom of all this.