Wednesday, July 24, 2019

TOTAL MUST WATCH--diGenova And Toensing


The whole ten minutes are totally worthwhile, but I'm going to transcribe the last few minutes. Dobbs says how frustrated he is that the IG report still isn't out. Here's what transpires:

DOBBS: Let me conclude as we have the last several discussions. We're approaching August and still no Inspector General report. I'm beginning to believe in almost nothing that emanates from the Inspector General's office. This is pathetic--the time it's taken. It's not the most complex of cases I can imagine in the world. What in the world IS the problem with the Inspector General in getting that report out? 
TOENSING: Forget the IG. 
diGENOVA: Here's what's happening. 
DOBBS: Don't tell me to forget the IG! We've been talking about the IG for a year! 
TOENSING: He's not worth squat! Joe's gonna tell ya. 
diGENOVA: Here's what's happening. As a result of the appointment of Durham people are flocking back to Horowitz to, quote, "correct their testimony." To let him know that they've remembered new things. That they've found out stuff that they didn't know about. People are worried, and they should be, because it's now beginning to become very clear that Durham is moving forward WITH SPEED, and people are going to Horowitz and asking to be re-interviewed. This includes FBI officials and others, and as a result of that I am delighted he's delaying. 
TOENSING: And you're gonna see that Mifsud was a Western agent, not a Russian agent. 
diGENOVA: And it's gonna make Mueller look even worse when Dr. Mifsud gets to have his say. He's already been interviewed by both Horowitz and Durham.

The point about Mifsud is important for a number of reasons. It's important because of his centrality to the beginnings of the Russia Hoax. It's also important because, from what I've heard, he has long wanted to come forward and be interviewed and escape from the prison of his "new identity." The reason he hasn't is because Western Intel agencies have been pressuring him to stay hidden because he can reveal their collusion in the coup attempt. That's over now.


  1. When there's a new Sheriff in town, the game changes--and so do the consequences. There must be a few senior people feeling a cool breeze on their neck...

    1. I was taken by surprise recently to hear that Comey, for example, has spoken to the IG several times. There could be a race to get their stories right before someone else sells them down the river.


    Sydney Powell. I love her.
    When did Mueller know his "investigation" was a hoax? Sydney Powell:
    "I think he had to know it before he started the investigation because his lieutenant Andrew Weismann was running the back-channel with Bruce Ohr on fabricating the Steel Dossier & getting it into the hands of the FBI - told him it was a lie."

    Also, Sydney Powell seems committed to the fight. She says "us" when talking about Barr:
    "Mr Barr needs to be both Hercules to clean out the Augean stables and Atlas because he's holding the weight of the world on his shoulders right now. The future of our republic depends on us restoring the rule of law."

    1. Yeah, I liked that, too. The point about Weissmann is very important. Bruce Ohr and Weissmann met with Strzok, Page, and Steele before the first FISA. I believe they told Steele what they needed for the FISA--the Cohen to Prague story.

  3. Horowitz does not find any fault unless he can find a document in which you state explicitly that you intended to violate regulations and laws.

    Wray follows up Horowitz's reports by scheduling more ethics briefings.

    Apparently, DOJ/FBI culprits recognize that this playtime has ended, now that Durham has taken over the investigation. It's about time.

    1. Yes. They've been apparently holding out, hoping for the cover up to work.

      What I really want to know is where does Rosenstein come out in all this?

  4. Replies
    1. That's it. Sidney Powell said on her segment with Dobbs that if we want to save our republic there must be criminal convictions of those involved in this plot.