Friday, July 19, 2019

John Crudele: OIG Report Out By August 15, 2019

John Crudele posted a short notice in the New York Post on Wednesday night that received received surprisingly little attention--I only picked it up via FR. It's short and sweet:

Thursday, Aug. 15. Mark this date on your calendar.
A very good source of mine says a report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz of the Justice Department on spying and other nastiness during the 2016 presidential election will be out by then. And, I believe, it will be a blockbuster.

 "Out by" means ... maybe before? And "a blockbuster." I'm up for a blockbuster!

ADDENDUM: I see a lot of commentary suggesting that Bill Barr will step back from a full accounting because such an accounting might implicate too many GOPe types and Deep State people who can't be touched. Obviously I have no inside information on Barr's thinking, but everything I've read about him says that his lifelong focus is a strong executive. Those who agree with him and those who disagree are at one on this: Bill Barr has a principled committment to a strong executive. Given that he took this AG gig because he said he wanted to help at this point in American history, I think that committment will win out and will support a full accounting. Despite executive abuses--the Russia Hoax is a prime example--American will dissolve into chaos if Congress has the upper hand. I think Barr understands that and will act on that understanding and on his longstanding committment. He will demand a full accounting. I can't guarantee that, but it is my sense of what will come.

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