Monday, July 8, 2019

Quantian's Theory Of Epstein

"It's just a theory," as George Smiley would say. Can you tell I luv that line?

This is Quantian:

The Sebastian Gorka of Applied Analysis. Mathematical scientist. Fintwit's resident obscurantist. "You just troll but don't add any value" -Satisfied customer
Mouldering away in academe
Joined January 2015
Born 1896

This is the first tweet in his 13-tweet Theory of Epstein:

(1/13) Let's take as our starting points two givens. 
(A.) You are a committed, unrepentant pedophile. 
(B.) Because of your old job in private banking, you are very connected to lots of very, very wealthy people. 
We'll also assume a goal: 
(Z.) You want to become very rich

To continue

Oh, here's the 13th tweet:

(13/13) And the last piece of the puzzle is the evidence. You'd want it somewhere remote, but accessible: a place the US can't touch but you have an excuse to visit all the time to update.  Remember that offshore fund? 
I bet there's a *very* interesting safe deposit box there.

So, follow the link for everything in between.

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