Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Former FBI Assistant Director Speaks Out

Chris Swecker was Assistant Director of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division from 2004-2006. Tonight Swecker spoke with Tucker Carlson about Paul Sperry's article about James Comey's targeting of President Trump, and he spoke frankly. Here is a partial transcript of the 3 minute interview, via GP--Former FBI Asst. Director: James Comey and His Inner Circle Were Making up Their Own Set of Rules – This Is ‘Seven Days in May’ – As Shady as it Gets: I've corrected the transcript and expanded it in a few places. For example, in the first paragraph, Swecker speaks of "criminal" statutes (GP has "civil"--big difference). Those who have followed this blog will recognize that Swecker is talking about the same things I've harped on: the three types of investigations, the guidelines, the need for predication, the fact that this all has to be documented, etc.

Chris Swecker: It would be difficult to overstate how egregious and in violation with the Attorney General guidelines and probably several criminal statutes that type of operation would be without predication. And in this case… I don’t see any predication whatsoever and certainly no documentation of an assessment or an intelligence assessment as Comey described it in his book, or a preliminary inquiry or a full investigation. And those are the only three types of investigations there are. So there would have had to have been some sort of documented predication to do that. 
Tucker Carlson: If the documents existed, we would know, right? 
Chris Swecker: Right… I read the article, it sounds like a rogue operation on the part of the FBI Director. ... I thought all along that Deputy Director McCabe’s initiation of an investigation out of the Deputy Director’s office was thoroughly unprecedented. The deputy director should not be running any investigation whatsoever. And the director himself should not be operational in any investigation. So it’s hard to number all the things that are wrong with the things that are described in this article, again assuming that these two sources are true. 
Tucker Carlson: But as someone who spent a lot of time in management over at the FBI you see this and your first thought is, this is bizarre and rotten ...
Chris Swecker: You can’t make this stuff up. This is about as shady as it gets… Jim Comey and his inner circle were just off making their own set of rules, doing their own thing for their own personal reasons, primarily because they just dislike the president
Anything that J. Edgar Hoover was accused of would pale in comparison to this. This is Seven Days in May. This is an inner circle of self-appointed moral guardians taking over the presidency and trying to take it down for their own personal reasons. ...

There's no shadow of a doubt about this. We're living through the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States.

And here's the video:


  1. Are people finally coming out of the woodwork to condemn this "investigation" because the coast is clear to do so, i.e. the dust has settled, and third parties such as Swecker have no reputational risk to come forward and opine like this?

    1. That may be it, but it's welcome nonetheless. Believe me, I have no illusions about these people.