Thursday, July 11, 2019

Was Epstein An Intel Guy? Who To Ask

In an informative article at Epoch Times, Wilson Miller identifies four officials at "Main Justice," DoJ HQ so to speak, who were involved in the Epstein plea deal: Justice Department Sat on Mountain of Epstein Evidence for 10 Years. I'll keep this brief, and start from the last two sentences:

And why did main Justice have such an interest in a South Florida child sex offender? 
This quote from Acosta, cited in a July 9, 2019, Daily Beast article, may provide the answer: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”

 Obviously, if we want to know whether Alex Acosta is telling the truth, there must be people who were at Main Justice who can tell us. Miller has identified those people:

Court records show that post-plea-deal decisions went up to Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip, who, according to one former DOJ official, has a stellar reputation. Filip was informed of reasons to approve the continued prosecution of Epstein if he didn’t comply with the non-prosecution agreement. Judge Marra noted that Filip reviewed the Epstein matter and determined that federal prosecution of Epstein was appropriate if he did not “comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement.” 
Another high-level Department of Justice official who had his fingerprints on the case is Andrew Oosterbaan, then-chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section. A privilege log filed on June 23, 2015, references several emails from 2007 between the Florida federal prosecutors and Oosterbaan regarding an “Epstein meeting” and “changes to the draft indictment and status of plea negotiations.” 
The same document shows emails from 2008 with Oosterbaan concerning a “continued delay in presenting case to grand jury due to failure to receive decision from D.C., the status of grand jury presentation and ongoing investigation” and a “meeting in DC” concerning the case. 
Additionally, these records appear to show Epstein’s attorneys reached out to Andy Lourie in May 2007 to arrange a meeting to discuss the Epstein investigation. Lourie was the acting chief of the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division in Washington in 2006, before becoming the acting principal deputy assistant attorney general and chief of staff to the Criminal Division by 2007. In 2007, he was also an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Florida. Lourie was kept in the loop on possible federal coercion and enticement charges, proposed changes to the indictment, “finalizing details with State Attorney’s Office,” and “final revisions to indictment package.” 
There are also notations of 2007 emails from Florida federal prosecutors to Myesha Braden, who was serving as a trial attorney for the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the DOJ’s Criminal Division, regarding securing a pre-indictment consultation contract. This correspondence took place months before Epstein signed the non-prosecution agreement. 
In other words, Main Justice was well-informed with the investigation and status of the case.

Some or all of these people know what the real story is.

ADDENDUM: Here's a link to a Fox article with video interviews with two top flight lawyers, including Paul Cassell, attorney for the victims.


  1. The Epstein-was-a spy canard is misdirection, but there is a conspiracy and blackmail behind the scenes. Patterns matter. Epstein was (and is) a diehard juvenile predator who practiced his addiction with almost unceasing drive and persistence. The numbers revealed in the media would suggest hundreds of victims; now multiply by a factor of ten or more. And he was a cardinal member of a very exclusive club. He hid in plain sight, and that is a measure of the power of the club principals. This story, if allowed to be fully told, will dwarf Spygate and RussiaGate. Do not be shocked if Epstein has a heart attack while in jail. By oddly, he is safer there then out on the street. Just ask Seth Rich.

  2. "The Epstein-was-a spy canard is misdirection ..."

    I'll reserve judgment.

  3. With the Main Justice involvement--so far disclosed--primarily with child exploitation personnel, it does give lie to the intel connection. But like all of these episodes where information is discovered/disclosed in dribs and drabs, many cul de sacs will be encountered. Is that misdirection, or simple (perhaps irresponsible) speculation resulting from partial information?

    With lots of reputations at risk, conflicting agendas will drive the story long before the true facts emerge--if it ever does.

    Previously, it was known Bill Clinton took 26 trips on Epstein's plane, and no doubt the Deep State was intent to downplay that connection. One need only note the media's repeated attempts to draw Trump into the story to recognize a seriously partisan agenda in play. Surely, it's too soon to declare any misdirection or distraction, inasmuch as that's a regular DNC-MSM ploy.

    As I constantly harp: Facts inconvenient to The Narrative will always be ignored. At this point, it's the unknown facts yet to be revealed that are likely inconvenient (and crucial)--starting with "who told Acosta what."

    1. Bear in mind that the Deputy AG is a political appointment, so I wouldn't say DAG involvement "gives the lie" to a possible intel connection. Think: Rod Rosenstein. Also, the DAG supervises the Director FBI, which is the primary CI branch of the federal government.