Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Important Remarks From President Trump

Today President Trump held an impromptu 17 minute Q&A session with reporters as he was about to leave for West Virginia aboard Marine 1. The following is my transcript of what I took to be the most important portion of his remarks:

This whole thing, honestly, has been collusion. It's been collusion with the media. It's been collusion with other countries. This has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think we're gonna win bigger than ever. 
[Question, inaudible] 
No, because we did nothing wrong. The answer's very simple. Nothing was done wrong. This was all a big hoax and if you look at it today, nothing was done wrong. Now-- 
I believe what you're gonna find, you're gonna find a lot of things that were done very wrong, but that's going on now. That's something you haven't been writing about and that has to do with the other side. That has to do with a thing called "investigate the investigators." Let's see what happens. That's gonna be very interesting.

Here's my takeaway.

"Collusion with other countries." Yes, and that's hugely important--to see that the Dems, including Obama and Hillary, were colluding with foreign powers against our country. That also plays into the next takeaway: "Investigate the investigators." And that's what we saw in John Solomon's latest report.

John Durham is reaching out to people in foreign countries for cooperation, as is Michael Horowitz. Steele has been interviewed, Mifsud will be interviewed. More is coming. And the investigators are going to be investigated--Team Mueller is being scrutinized, and that must also mean that Team Mueller's enablers, starting with Rod Rosenstein, will be under the gun, too.

As Trump said, that's gonna be very interesting.


  1. You and I have discussed treason and sedition. In the strict sense, this was not treason and sedition.

    But to my thinking, this was treason and sedition. I just need to find the right terms to describe this odious behavior.

    1. I understand and agree with what you're saying. The problem is putting a law in place that wouldn't be abused.

    2. We've seen the way FARA--which regulates contact with foreign governments--has been abused.

  2. One more and I think that I've said my fair share in the comments section.

    A lot of Americans, many of them ordinary citizens came in and did great journalism. They saw the rotting corpses of ABC, CBS, NBC, The NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Establishment Republicans, Establish Democrats, corrupt judges, Comey, Bushes, Clintons, the list goes on and on.

    They (and you, Mr. Wauck) used their God-given talents to investigate and to shine a light on this. They didn't give up. They didn't stoop to the level of the opponents. They made America proud. They make me proud; proud to be a Christian and proud to be an American.

    You all are the New Patriots. America owes you all a debt of gratitude.

  3. I paid attention to Trump’s first words as he walked across the grass, since I'm sure he had given some thought to what he wanted everybody to hear. It was like after a long scoreless football game the Democrat team and 17 Angry Referees had decided to place the ball on the 1-yard line and hand it to Mueller. The Republican team was energized with righteous anger, waiting for Mueller to try to dive into the end zone. But Mueller took the ball and simply limped a few steps sideways, got confused, and sat down on the grass. Everyone stared – WTF?
    “We had a very good day today, the Republican party … our country.
    There was no defense of what Robert Mueller was trying to defend, in all fairness to Robert Mueller. Whether his performance was a bad one or a good one, I think everybody understands that. I think everybody understands what's going on.
    There is no defense of this ridiculous hoax, this witch-hunt that’s been going on for a longtime. Pretty much from the time I came down that escalator with the First Lady.
    It’s a disgrace what happened. But I think today proved a lot to everybody.”

    1. Yep. But I'm baffled--what did they really expect?

  4. Is it too soon to ask what actual, specific crimes (may) have been committed by Brennen, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lynch, Yates, Rosenstein, Mueller, Weissman, etc. From this distance (my perch), lots of guidelines have been breached, all sorts of misconduct and malpractice, though surely there's some hint of criminal conduct that could find a grand jury indictment...

    Or am I being premature in this assessment and query...

    1. Never too soon! :-)

      The first statute to look at is 1001 whenever you're dealing with these sorts of actions--false statements. For the simple reason that, as the former Ass't Director was pointing out the other night, you have to put the predication for all these actions--opening investigations, applying for FISAs and search warrants, etc.--into writing. Those are all statements to the government. But then you can get more exotic and start looking at conspiracies to obstruct justice and maybe specific types of fraud concerning courts or internal regs--although a lot of that comes back to false statements, too.

      I should start thinking about that more.

    2. Forbes, don’t leave out BHObama.

    3. That's true, and a number of commentators have hinted at that. Maybe I should be researching extortion related statutes--acting under "color of law" or authority. I'm sure Barr/Durham are looking at that--attempt to force POTUS out of office under cover/color of a known fraudulent investigation.

    4. Yes indeed. We should join with the Dem's in insisting that miscreant former Presidents enjoy the full range of tender ministrations available from the U.S. justice system.

  5. Once again these dummies provide the rope to hang themselves. One of them (Nadler?) asked Bobby Boy if Donald could be indicted after his term. "Yes", was Bobby Boy's answer.

    Thank you for establishing that Obama is fair game for what laws he broke and crimes he committed. When I first joined this group as a commenter, I stated it was wise to decline to prosecute Obama and Clinton. Just go up to Brennan and company.

    I don't think that anymore. Obama and Clinton need to pay. They need to pay to show

    1. No man is above the law.
    2. We show weakness if we let O and C escape.
    3. Whether we prosecute O and C or decline prosecution, the evil left will be coming after us.
    4. If we show that we are woke and riled, it might, might I say, make them realize that we are standing up to the bully.
    5. The Left is dead to me but I want to rally the low information voters to our cause.

    1. The key is they figure it'll never happen to them, because if they ever get control again they'll change all the election laws to make this a one party state.

    2. I agree with the sentiment, Joe, but I think very wise people need to assess what political cost there might be in putting O on trial. Every election is so important now; we must not sacrifice the longer term strategy for the rush of a short term victory lap.

    3. Mr. Ottaway,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not interested in short term thinking or a victory lap.

      I think that this wrongdoing was so severe that to not address it could mean the death knell to our republic. Either men are governed by the rule of law or they are ruled by men (and fiat).

      We are in a cold war and sitting on a powder keg. As Mr. Wauck said, the Left is going to react regardless of what we do.

      We need to do what if right because it is the right thing to do and let the chips fall where they may.