Thursday, February 25, 2021

Why Do They Want Us All Vaxxed?

Good question, isn't it? I've expressed my view previously that it's a social conditioning op. They want us all to get used to following orders. YMMV.

There's an article under that title at American Thinker today, Why do they want us all vaccinated? While I can't offer a definitive answer to the question, the article does contain a link to a blog that addresses reasons why we should be skeptical--and, by "reasons", I mean sound scientific reasons. The article addresses the latest media hype: The Variants! The Variants are coming! They're killers! They'll kill you worse than HCQ!

And so Mike Whitney asks:

Is the "Variant" Being Used to Scare People Into Getting Vaccinated??Is the "Variant" Being Used to Scare People Into Getting Vaccinated??

Here's how Whitney presents the question:

In a recent front-page article, (“Covid-19: U.K.-Based Variant Is Probably More Lethal, Scientists Say”, New York Times) the New York Times reported that the new mutated version of the Coronavirus was likely to be more contagious or lethal than the original infection. According to the Times, this new iteration of the infection could resist conventional treatments and force lockdown nations to extend the timeline for lifting restrictions. But given that “daily Covid infections have declined by 77 percent since January” and the virus appears to be ‘on its way out’, the report in the Times seems particularly suspicious. Is this new mutation, called the “variant”, really as deadly as it’s cracked up to be or is the media conjuring up another Covid hobgoblin to scare the public into getting vaccinated?

The blog is on the long side, but very informative. However, for my money the best part was in the second half, in which Dr. Michael Yeadon is quoted (and this is only a relatively short extract from that quote):

Many viruses are error-prone when they replicate in your cells. They make “typos” so the virus which results is slightly different from the parent virus. Sometimes that small changes make no difference to the behavior of the virus. Other times, the change renders the virus incapable of something important to its survival. It’s possible a change makes it slightly better at surviving and so over time, it becomes a higher proportion of viruses sequenced from clinical samples. The general ‘direction of travel’ is to become less injurious but easier to transmit, eventually joining the other 40 or so viruses which cause what we collectively term ‘the common cold”.

What generally doesn’t happen is for mutants to become more lethal to the hosts (us). But the key point I wanted to get across is just how large SARS-COV-2 is. I recall it’s of the order of 30,000 letters of genetic code which, when translated, make around 10,000 amino acids in several viral proteins. Now you can see that the kinds of numbers of changes in the letters of the genetic code are truly tiny in comparison with the whole. 30 letter changes might be roughly 0.1% of the virus’s code. In other words, 99.9% of that code is not different from the so-called Wuhan strain. Similarly, the changes in the protein translated from those letter code alterations are overwhelmed by the vast majority of the unchanged protein sequences. So your immune system, recognizing as it does perhaps dozens of short pieces…. will not be fooled by a couple of small changes to a tiny fraction of these. No: your immune system knows immediately that this is an invader it’s seen before, and has no difficulty whatsoever in dealing with it swiftly & without symptoms. …


I do have to urge you to do is do a little research of your own to test whether what…the Govt is telling you marries up with the pre-2020 scientific literature & official guidance…. or whether it doesn’t. If you find one occasion where what you’re being told runs directly contrary to pre-2020 science & guidance, congratulations! You’ve discovered that you’re being misled & lied to.” (“Variants, Covid”, Michael Yeadon, My Thread Reader)

Whitney then quotes from an article that points out just how scientifically "shaky" the case is for The Variants being somehow more dangerous. He concludes:

So follow the golden rules. Read the primary scientific-paper sources. Analyze them and think for yourself. Don’t let your reasoning be swept away by the 24-7, fear-filled news cycle.” (“The shaky science behind the “deadly new strains” of Sars-Cov-2“, The Off Guardian)

So the whole “variant” theory is based on 3 or 4 papers that have not been peer reviewed, do not produce solid evidence of their findings, and haven’t even been checked for accuracy. The authors might as well have been writing science fiction and yet, the media and public health experts lap it up and insist that the danger is real. But is it?

No, it’s not. The variant is just the latest in a long list of fear-generating devices that are being used to perpetuate the state of emergency, scare the public into submissive compliance, and coerce the public into injecting themselves with a toxic gene-altering cocktail that could dramatically impact fertility, longevity and survival itself.

Don’t get swept up in the hysteria. The people who are orchestrating this elaborate hoax, do not have your best interests in mind.


  1. I'm not getting the vaccine.

    Got COVID-19 in October, got the hydroxychloriquine cocktail, and tested negative less than 5 days later.

    Vaccines aren't effective for weeks, if they are effective.

    The hydroxychloriquine cocktail works virtually 100% of the time, even after symptoms get close to the point of hospitalization. I personally know of three people who were on death's door, had their doctors get them the hydroxychloriquine cocktail, were discharged within five days, and made full recoveries.

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  3. FWIW, my doc says that remdesivir would be his go to therapy if I were to test positive.

    He would not prescribe hydroxychloroquine...

    Apparently Trump was successfully treated with remdesivir...

    1. Remdesivir is widely reported to be not only very expensive but also ineffective. It's true Trump was given it--along with lots of other things. HCQ and Ivermectin are reliably reported to be quite effective.

    2. Wow!

      Sounds like my doc is a moron!


    3. Trump got Regeneron (not Remdesivir).

    4. Regereron is the name of a pharmaceutical company. Here is information on their COVID-29 treatment, which is available to some patients:

    5. Cassander,

      Your doctor is probably part of a larger medical practice that does not allow doctors to prescribe the hydroxychloriquine cocktail.

      Major medical organizations and hospital systems also refuse to permit it.

      To much money in hospitalizing people with COVID-19.

      Your doctor should have been honest with you about it. To learn more, go to

    6. @CTD

      You may well be right, CTD. He works for a 'non-profit' healthcare system which, according to wikipedia, is the largest employer in our state.

      Just for fun, I'll ask him if he says hydroxychloroquine doesn't work because he isn't allowed to prescribe it.

      FYI, I just tried to go to the website. It is largely shut down, although bits and pieces are available through the Wayback archive.

  4. I had been thinking it was all about the money.

    Big Pharma wants to vaccinate the whole world, 7 billion people.

    At $100 per shot, and costs pennies to make, that's half a trillion in profit.

    Plus whatever other millions government gives them as "incentives".


    1. You forgot about the campaign contributions although, in the big scheme of things, that's not really all that much an expense.

  5. You might consider the bioweapon aspect of the 'vaccine' here:

    and how many regular medicines work just fine here:

  6. the wife and I are leaning towards the J&J version which is more of a traditional approach to vaccine creation...or so I am told, sigh

    We get a flu shot annually and have suffered no (obvious) consequences as a result, but we are just playin' the odds so to speak. Can personally only recall one time I actually got the seasonal flu and it knocked me for a loop for a week - I was in my mid-40s at the time and would not like to repeat the experience in my dotage

    In any event, hoping to avoid the WuFlu until the J&J shot is available...otherwise, my tombstone epitaph will be: "he was waiting for his shot...still is"

  7. Here's the FL numbers from earlier this week:

    0-40 418 1.37%
    41-49 697 2.29%
    50-59 1997 6.55%
    60-69 4673 15.33%
    70-79 8251 27.06%
    80-89 9424 30.91%
    90-99 4753 15.59%
    100-108 279 0.91%
    30492 100.00%

    I can't find a newer number from the FL-DMV for comparison, but the total number of car crash fatalities in 2016 was 3,176. If you are under 60 (3112 total), that equates the risk of Covid death to be about the same as dying in a car crash, yet they still try to scare everyone with this panic porn.

    For me, I'm not getting the vaccine since I'm 59 and already had the virus in November. 3 days of feeling crummy with a temp of 100.5, and 9 more days of no sense of smell. The worst part was 2 weeks of being extremely tired. My parents are in their 80's and both got the Moderna vaccine, which I think makes sense for them. My teenage kids, not so much...

  8. I think covid has many waking up to what the anti-vax crowd has been screaming about for years. Part of it is the ill effects of injecting yourself with whatever substance. The bigger sticking points for me have always been the Government's support of a multi billion dollar industry that is nowhere near private. Plus their kangaroo court carve out of injury protection and it's very unconstitutional means of operation. If these things are safe and effective, why do you need to safe guard the industry from the public and limit it in the courts? Let their work stand trial in open courts!!!

    Polio was the big seller of the idea of vaccination, but the polio vaccine came well after the polio epidemic happened and then killed or injured far more than polio it's self did. They lied and hid that data from the public for decades. As time trickles on we've seen that play out in various vax instances over and over.

    To understand any of it you have to look to Africa where they have been testing the new brews. It's the perfect place for it because it's so easy to bury the testing data with little or no recourse. With witch doctors and superstition still prevalent it becomes a great masking for getting public data. If you think we despise Bill Gates you should listen to some of their stories!!!

    Our own home grown version is infant death rates, most people have no idea that the US has the highest infant mortality rates of any development country. We also have the highest jab rates infant of vaccinations, but don't you dare try and study that phenomenon!

    Then there is the CDC and FDA how a government institutions or ESPECIALLY it's employees are allow to hold private patents to vax or drugs is beyond me. That's a racket upon a racket upon a racket. If the medical world had the same standards of *conflicts of interest* as the legal world none of them would have jobs.

    Like everything else, we demand someone else fix or figure out everything for us. Out if laziness and ignorance, there are just too many things we wishcast to trusting our government with. It leads to the same story, in every case, it's the natural path of government greed, power, protectionism, and monetary corruption we see in every piece. Voting, civil, criminal, elections, monetary, etc.

    If there's a 3 letter agency involved, then we should probably look there first as it should be expected!

  9. I guess I've just been lucky (?) but I haven't had the flu since I was an adolescent...55 years ago. I have never gotten a flu shot. I am not an anti-vaxxer, but these mRNA vaccines 1) are a new approach to vaccination 2) were lightly tested 3) are coming too late in the virus' lifecycle to be necessary and 4) there is unseemly pressure being applied to drive compliance. Given all the other BS associated with Covid, I am just not buying the 'necessity' let alone benefits. More people have died post vaccination (450 and counting) than those who died from the chicken pox vaccination in 30 years. I think this is yet another area where Trump (Warp Speed) got played by DS grifters. It's amazing how fast you can crank out money-making drugs when the testing is constrained (nobody under 18, no pregnant women, no frail medically-compromised people, nobody who has had the virus previously) and long term effects are ignored.

  10. I’m a nurse who refused the vaccine. It is gene therapy. Be a guinea pig if you wish. Personally, I will rely on my immune system to fight any virus. Zinc is what kills viruses and it needs an ionophore to enter the cell (quercetin, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, Remdesivir are a few examples of ionophores). We lost 20 patients at my nursing home during the first wave and all of the survivors of the first wave tested negative and were symptom-free during the second wave (their elderly immune systems functioned appropriately). The new patients who tested positive during the second wave all survived with mostly mild symptoms. Watch MedCram videos with Dr Seheault on YouTube if you want to educate yourself.

    1. Thanks for that. That's basically my attitude. I eat a healthy diet that has plenty of zinc and quercetin, but I also take a VitD3 supplement and a supplement that has some more zinc and an herbal source of quercetin. And I take a long walk to get as much sun as I can.