Friday, February 26, 2021

Who's In Charge?

We're only really a month or so in to the Zhou Baiden regime and we're seeing real disarray and infighting. A lot of this is attributable to Zhou's obvious incapacity. Dan Bongino was talking about this last night, saying that his sources ALL say Zhou is in big trouble.

A couple of days ago Don Surber had a clever piece about the Neera Tanden nomination, said to be in trouble. It was longer than his usual quick hits, so I just want to focus on one major point: There's a battle going on to be in charge of the regime, because we all know Zhou is a mere figurehead:

Neera Tanden and the problem with a figurehead president

Washington is engaged in a game of insider baseball over a looming rejection by the Senate of Neera Tanden as director of the Office of Management and Budget.

The mini-soap opera is amusing and illuminating.

Officially, Tanden stands accused of mean tweeting. In Washington, your son can collect bribes from foreign governments and spend the loot on hookers and cocaine, and no one believes that disqualifies you as president.

Ah, but mean tweets are an impeachable offense.

But the Tanden story gives a sneak peek at the Coalition of Kooks now running the show.


Biden is an afterthought for Democrats. The Ron Klains matter. They battle it out. They give you Neera Tanden, whose qualifications boil down to her sex and race. The Kennedy administration bragged that they were the best and the brightest. Here is a chilling thought, what if the Biden staffers are the best and the brightest Washington has to offer?

Yes, because we know there are some real lightweights at the WH, and we didn't vote for them.

This morning Paul Mirengoff chimed in, along the same lines. What I'm quoting, under the title, is actually from something Mirengoff wrote back in September, and it's coming true before our eyes:

The knives are out at the White House, and it didn’t take long

Tevi didn’t have occasion to discuss infighting under a president with diminished mental capacity. One has to go back to Woodrow Wilson’s second term to find such a president. But Biden’s mental capacity seems somewhat diminished already, and will likely decline as he approaches his 80th birthday. Thus, there might well be something like a void in the Oval Office in the event of a Biden presidency.

The sense of a void at the top of any organization will likely make infighting all the more intense — especially if that organization happens to be a high stakes operation like, say, the government of the United States.

A void at the top. Yep. Lots of turmoil to look forward to.

And then there's the story everyone is talking about--who was it that called in the airstrike on Syria? Again, I just want to focus on the one point from a longer piece--who's in charge?

If nobody's home, who called out the Syria air strike?

What's vivid is that questions are being raised about whether Joe really made the call.

First, note that his vice president, Kamala Harris, was kept out of the loop.  According to a report citing a White House official, she's said to be steaming that nobody told her before it happened.  And she's probably more steamed to learn that that news got out, advertising for everyone that her giggly round-heeled self is viewed, even in the Biden White House, as a lightweight.

But we already knew that.

Again, this is early days for the regime. Look for more stories and more signs.


  1. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

    Where'd I put that popcorn?

    1. Friend, it is happening to US. There are plenty of regimes around the world which will take serious advantage of this and we are the pawns (victims) on that chessboard.

  2. Who is in charge? - Susan Rice acting under the auspices of Barack Obama and his overlords. Why do you think that the Democrats in Congress want to get control over the nuclear weapons. It ain't because of their experience with Trump.

    Kama Sutra will be installed but they want to be sure that all the handlers are in place and she doesn't have the nuclear codes.


  3. The most interesting point about all this is that Kamala was - apparently- cut out of the loop. I would normally say that it is incomprehensible that she would not be part of the discussion for something as important as the air strike. I am far from a Washington insider but she had to have been deliberately left out of the room. I thought she was there to step in at a moments notice, should Uncle Joe stumble along the way? If she is not in the loop, then who is going to step in when a situation demands leadership and he can't provide it? Is the Chosen One upset that the new regime seems ready to dump Kamala? I thought Obama was the reason she is now the VP. This could not have been a mistake or oversight. I'm not sure which is more frightening - Kamala in charge or.....Who's in Charge? It can't be Who - Who's on first!

  4. "Lots of turmoil to look forward to"

    Umm, wasn't one of the characteristics/problems of the Trump admin that there was a lot of chaos, a lot of turmoil?

    Curious to see if MSM reports any of that now.


  5. Yeltsin years of America. The oligarchy is in charge, which is the top 1% as the brain plus the additional top 10% as their hands.

    While all these public theatre acts are displayed, plunder is full steam going on behind the scenes.

    1. The faux spending bills coming out do not reflect even the pretense of 'governing' even back when Trump was in. They are the looting inflicted on a conquered country by a ruling empire. The Federal Empire.

  6. Policy related my bet is on Schumer, Sanders, and Pelosi... People in position to call Zhou's shots? Susan Rice. Don't believe she's a Kamala fan.

  7. Jill Biden is obviously the one holding things up.

    Rob S

  8. Joe Biden is the Vice President, Kamala Harris is the 2nd Vice President. Joe doesn't know what's going on even if you tell him and Kamala is too stupid to be told what's going on lest she burn the dinner.


  9. In a video recorded prior to the 2020 election, Kamala Harris' husband announces to a room full of people he is the spouse of the 'next president of the United States.'

    I don't know which is funnier: 1) the fact he is admitting Kamala is the one who will be serving as president instead of Sleepy Joe; or, 2) the fact he is admitting prior to the election, the outcome of the (rigged) election.

    What is also interesting about the video, is that behind closed doors NO ONE IS WEARING A FACE MASK.

    1. I am no Kamala/Biden fan, but define "prior tp the 2020 election" This video could be from the spring of 2020 when Kamala was still in the running for president and Faucci told us not to wear masks, so there would be enough of them for the health care workers. The video was posted in Oct 2020, but that does not mean it was not taken way earlier then that. There is plenty of real and substantial criticism to lobby at the current regime, no need to fabricate stuff, it just undermines the the real arguments against them.

    2. The absence of masks is the giveaway. It was apparently recorded in 2019. See Politifact. (II know. We don’t trust Politifact, but in this case it was probably right - rated it “mostly false”, based upon the way it has been manipulated. He did record that video when she was still running for president.

      I don’t believe any of this is important enough to create even a kerfuffle.

  10. People are asking “why did Jill bomb Syria”…

    Jill and Joe Biden Do Yet Another Joint Interview, and It's Really Awkward

    Perhaps we’ve had it all wrong about who is really acting as president while Joe Biden goes to bed at sundown. Most have figured that the shadow-presidency we are currently witnessing would be run by Kamala Harris. After all, she’s the vice president and she’s nakedly ambitious.

    Yet, more and more, it looks like Harris is being pushed into the background while Jill Biden is really pulling the strings. Not only does she routinely act as the President’s crutch during interviews, she’s now interrupting him to articulate policy in language that makes it seem a lot like she’s in charge.

    This is some awkward, awkward stuff.

    Did she give it away after his inauguration when she called it “OUR inauguration”?

  11. So we are seeing the struggles between Jill "Edith Wilson" Biden struggle to maintain control for the Biden Crime family using Chief of Staff Ron Klain vs. Obama Inc. using Susan Rice. Ultimately it will be whomever Pelosi and Schumer think will help them the most.

    The question is still open. Who ordered the bombing of Syria? My money is on Biden Inc. I see where the Obama backed Yemenis rebels launched a rocket attack on Saudi Arabia proper. Obama Inc. wouldn't try to hurt the Iranian proxies.

    The video is scary along with the Texas "press conference".


    1. This will sound nitpicky, but why does everyone evoke someone who came before? Jill Biden is her own kind of ambitious upwardly mobile woman. Her Wiki bio has been scrubbed of that information (I looked) but it was there a while back, along with her being a cheerleader or pompom girl in high school. She married a college football player. (Check - big deal at college level) and then found she had attracted they eye of a U. S. Senator (bigger deal). Edith didn’t push her husband into the presidency after a stroke. He had it after he was elected. Jill would have carried Joe into the WH if that is what it would have taken. Let her stand alone as a particular kind of hustler.

  12. OK. I give up. She’s another Edith Wilson. Slap a tatty faux Farrah Fawcett wig on her and she’d even look similar. Described as “kittenish”. (Watch those claws!). Here’s Edith: