Saturday, February 20, 2021

Naturally Stupid Artificial Intelligence?

I picked this up from Steve Sailer:

Youtube Blocks Its Most Popular Chess Expert for Saying Things Like "Black Threat" and "White Must Attack"

Sailer's comment:

We hear much about the menace posed by racist robots, but mighty Google appears to have succeeded in inventing artificial intelligence with the natural stupidity of a professor of intersectionality.

Apparently the chess expert was unbanned after 24 hours.

The article that Sailer links to notes:

Experts suspect that it was the usage of words like “black” and “white” that confused the Yutube’s AI filters. They found that 80% of chess videos that were flagged for hate speech actually had terms like ‘black,’ ‘white,’ ‘attack’ and ‘threat.’


  1. It's not stupidity, it's intentional. James Poulos nails it, these people are catechizing the bots, and the sooner we come to terms with that (and start catechizing bots ourselves,) the better.

  2. simple solution to this vexing problem: change the colours of the pieces! I'm thinking perhaps a light brown and a slightly darker brown might do the trick. Of course, there is also mauve (I can hear it now: mauve maneuvers to corner the king!), khaki (khaki korners the king!), violet (violet violates Ruy-Lopez!), azure (azure assaults...), scarlet (scarlet scares Sicilian Defense!), cerulean (cerulean circles the king), ochre (ochre opts for the Queen's Gambit)...the possibilities are endless!

    1. My oldest son is an avid chess player. I'll have to send him this. LOL.

  3. And YouTube removed Trumps call in to OAN per

    Just the news
    Gateway pundit
    Conservative Treehouse

    Since Trump made election fraud allegations, due to election integrity concerns.

    1. About that @ray, I don't think they even yet know what they are dealing with in Donald Trump. I really don't. I think his use of twitter during his Presidency, will be seen in an entirely different light 50 years from now. Yes we may very well sink into 100 years of totalitarian repression but the tweets will live.

      Mark A