Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What Keeps Bill Gates Awoke At Night?

Yesterday Edward Ring ran a fascinating piece that explains the love affair of our elites with the Chinese model:

California’s Multibillionaires Intend to Conquer the World

To understand what the establishment (of which Joe Biden is a mere figurehead) has in mind for America, we must first understand the Golden State.

It's a long and interesting article but I'll cut right to the ... cusp of it. There are actually three cusps. Here's what Ring means. Bill Gates and the elite circle of multibillionaires see the fundamental problem facing Gaia and its inhabitants as Overpopulation. There are too many people and, no, that doesn't mean too many multibillionaires. It means too many other people--people like you and me:

When multibillionaires impassively evaluate the direction of humanity on planet earth—and that is the sort of mega-picture imagining of which multibillionaires have both the time and the money to indulge—what do they see? The panorama before them is deeply troubling. On one hand, they see privileged Western nations, voraciously consuming a far greater than proportional share of the world’s resources. But 

they also see more than 7 billion additional humans, living in non-Western nations, on the cusp of achieving the capacity to industrialize and consume resources at comparable rates to the nations in the West. They wonder how this can go on. 

At the same time as they contemplate the challenge of accommodating the aspirations of what within their lifetimes will be over 10 billion humans on planet earth, 

they realize the medical research they fund is on another cusp of another breakthrough, that of achieving the tantalizing holy grail of medicine: life extension. 

And finally, to top off this trilogy of troubling insights, 

these multibillionaires know that cusp number three is nearer than ever—the ability to totally automate an economy and run it with robots.

So what on earth will these multibillionaires do with all the useless, nonessential people?

The answer should be obvious, right? Vaxx 'em all. All those useless, nonessential people? Vaxx 'em. From software entrepeneur to vaccine entrepeneur to the world--that's Bill Gates. And he has the ear of important and powerful people. Who ever heard of an experiment being pushed on the entire global population? Isn't that unethical? Well, multibillionaires have their own set of rules, or a second set of books, if you will.

Dr. Michael Yeadon isn't a multibillionaire. However, as a former a former Pfizer VP with over 30 years of experience in immunology and drug research he's a pretty big name in the world of Big Pharma. What's Yeadon doing these days, having retired from Pfizer? This:

Dr. Michael Yeadon [has] filed a Stay of Action petition with the European Medicine Agency (like our FDA) to halt the trials of mRNA vaccines over concerns it might affect sterility in women. 

Yeadon is worried that the mRNA vaccine was coded for a region of the spike protein that was similar to Syncytin-1, which is a protein that is essential for the development of the placenta. If a woman’s body makes antibodies to this protein, she could become sterile when vaccinated for COVID-19. This is a theory, not a proven fact, and no one has studied it. Yeadon’s insistence on more studies to make sure this will not happen seems reasonable.

And, of course, causing the body to make antibodies is what these mRNA "vaccines" are all about. For reasons presumably known to himself, Ring doesn't once use the word "vaccine" in his article. However, you can read all about it--as well as about Yeadon's concerns and the concerns of others--here: A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines.

And lest that not offer you enough to think about, here's an insight from another fairly brilliant article--The Pandemic Is Over. The author wants you to understand What It's All About. It's about power, it's about control:

The reason coronavirus so delights today’s Left is that the public response to their power grab has been overwhelmingly docile: The numbers of deaths are vastly below historic health panics, even with generous inflation via guidelines encouraging doctors to record anyone who previously had the virus as having died from it.

Even so, the government was able to lock people in their homes for a “two-week period” that turned out to be roughly a year, destroy much of the hospitality sector of the economy, force people to cover their faces in public as though living under a secular sharia, and, perhaps best of all, they got neighbors to snitch on neighbors and children to report their parents when these edicts weren’t followed.

It has been a bonanza. The everyday American citizen will always remember 2020 as a painful, terrible, soul-crushing year. For the Left, that makes it one of the best years on record. It is one of those great years in which they changed how Americans live.

They need only to cement this victory by making those changes permanent.

... They don’t want the pandemic to go away: A successful Biden Administration is not one in which coronavirus disappears, it is one in which Americans accept wearing masks for the rest of their lives.

Ask yourselves this: In this worldview, where would the administration of radical, experimental medications for all of humanity--we'll call these medications "vaccines" for short--fit in? And then ask yourselves: Why are our rulers so seemingly enamored with the Chinese model of "governance", or, if you will, population control--it all amounts to pretty much the same thing, right? Does this suggest why Trump's grand strategy of cooperating with Russia to counterbalance China--a sort of reverse Nixon-Kissinger double axel--was anathema to the Globalist multibillionaires who rule us?


  1. If they are not anymore good for taxing,
    They are due for vaxing.

  2. experiment being pushed on the entire global population

    *Cough*........except the residents of Red China....*cough*

  3. These guys need to go buy their own little country out and set up shop as they see fit... But mostly they need to F-off.


    "Yeadon is worried that the mRNA vaccine was coded for a region of the spike protein that was similar to Syncytin-1, which is a protein that is essential for the development of the placenta. If a woman’s body makes antibodies to this protein, she could become sterile "

    I'll put a $100 wager that says this has been studied, just not "published".

    I've always had a love /hate personal struggle with the eugenics movement. On one hand, they are not wrong, we are, by far, housing too many people on this planet. One the other side of the coin, these ego control freak, nazi like s-bags, and their underhanded dubious plotting is just insane.

    If you're gonna play god, do it in the open, but don't try and wrap yourself in the cloak of a savior.

  4. When people who wish you dead come up with a vaccine, you should wonder whether that vaccine is their way of implementing their death wish on us.

    Unforeseen consequences. "Our vaccine has caused much pain and death, but that was an unforeseen consequence. No worries, no one will pay. The drug companies have been absolved of responsibility by the government, and the government has sovereign immunity. You're just going to have to suffer and to die, because we say so. Nice life you had there, pity to lose it."