Monday, October 26, 2020

Nationalism And Its Enemies

This is what Election 2020 comes down to, as many others lhave observed at length. Here I excerpt a longer article that makes the same point briefly. It's not really original, but it is a reminder that we all need. It's also a reminder that America is a national community--not the "idea" or "proposition" that as Neocons would have it. Additionally, in his concluding paragraph the author neatly encapsulates the Establishment's vision of American, the vision of Biden Inc.: A state in which the new aristocracy wields power over a disenfranchised and impoverished populace.

‘Death to America!” is a common refrain from antifa rioters from Portland, Ore., to Kenosha, Wis. Children are in the streets calling for the country’s destruction ...

These acts of violence encapsulate five decades of neo-Marxist indoctrination in American schools, colleges and universities. The left’s “long march” through the institutions is all but complete.

Their ignorance of history is the hallmark of the current crisis.

The violence suggests that tribalism based on group identity is poised to succeed the larger national community ... 

Elites, especially the professoriate, bear much of the responsibility for this state of affairs.

American free-market capitalism has been both the most destructive and the most creative framework for generating wealth and innovation. Yet historically, its destructive quality was tempered by the regnant nationalism of its people, one that ultimately superseded the idea of class.

In contrast, America’s corporate elite today, especially its financial plutocrats on the East Coast and digital aristocracy on the West Coast, seem keener to work on “global problems.”

Corporate elites have pushed a self-serving vision of a world of transnationalism unconstrained by local cultures and institutions, many of which took centuries to establish and consolidate. The new credentialed oligarchy—people simultaneously from everywhere and nowhere—feels an ever more tenuous sense of obligation to its fellow nationals.

The assault on the constitutional right of citizens to speak freely unless they affirm first the increasingly intolerant orthodoxy has been unrelenting.

As cities burn and racialists push to resegregate public spaces, the deconstruction of the American nation is coming dangerously close to completion. ... The neo-Marxist left is separating the institutions of American democracy from their national foundations. If they succeed, the U.S. will over time lose its republican culture and morph into a state in which the new aristocracy wields power over a disenfranchised and impoverished populace. The stakes are in full view for anyone to see.


Excerpted from: The American Experiment Is on Life Support--Neo-Marxists on the street and in institutions want to erase their opponents and deconstruct the country, by Andrew A. Michta.


  1. "The new credentialed oligarchy... feels an ever more *tenuous* sense of obligation....'
    That's putting it quite charitably.
    The truth is, the oligarchy feels, and espouses, an ever greater sense of *contempt* for its fellow nationals.

    "If they succeed, the U.S. will over time lose its republican culture...."
    We've already been losing much of that culture, and will likely lose most of it if the Dems win next week.

    "The stakes are in full view for anyone to see."
    I fear that we still have plenty who don't see this, but I'll grant that this number is shrinking, and will start to shrink more sharply if DJT wins next week.

  2. "America is a national community--not the "idea" or "proposition"...."
    Part of our intellectual problem is, that the recent US has become a hybrid of both views/ considerations.
    In the Framers' time, the tension between those 2 views was minimal, but once the Melting Pot came to include slews of PoCs, this tension was bound to grow.

    The neoCon view is not laughably easy to argue against, and is but one reason why I suspect that, in the long run,
    the US will have to split up, into a ("salt-of the-earth", Ice People) "Jesusland", and a (hyper-"urbane", feminist, neoCon, Sun People etc.) Peoples' Republic.
    In JesusLand, the tension between these considerations should be as manageable as they were in the Framers' time.
    In the Peoples' Republic, this tension figures to be so sharp, that it'll likely require a tyranny, to keep this tension from overcoming everything else.

    1. That maybe, but it does not have to be and history shows that such factionalism as address by Hamilton et al in the Federalist Papers and the actual actions and results by the British Empire much later demonstrate that this does not result in peace of any kind.

      Hello Pakistan/India, the British Mandate and the Balfour Declaration.

    2. @TexasDude

      I've been following your posts, Mouse, on splitting up, and thinking about them. Of course we are deeply divided (or so the press would have it) and nobody knows what the future will bring...and sparks in a tinderbox can be very dangerous...but I'm inclined to believe it won't happen and to agree with TexasDude that it wouldn't be a good thing if it did.

      I'll also go out on my own little limb here and say that we are not as divided as it might appear. The biased media has been pumping out reams of mis- and dis- information that is very confusing to the average citizen. Its pretty easy for the average person watching CNN or reading the New York Times (if anyone still does) to conclude that Trump is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, lying sex abuser...when he simply is not.

      One of the extraordinarily fortunate things about the gift of Trump is that he is exposing the many lies and obfuscations of the Elite and the Left.

      Take the example of Black men, many of whom are listening to conservative Black voices, changing their minds about Trump and apparently are pulling (writing?) for Trump in record numbers. There are many other examples, including growing support from gays for Trump, Hispanics for Trump, Jews for Trump, and union workers for Trump. A day or two ago there was a parade for Trump in Beverly Hills!

      As for my affluent, educated, urban sister who voted for Mrs Clinton and will still vote for Mr Biden despite all the evidence, I believe it is just a matter of time before the evidence of Democrat corruption and wrong-headedness becomes so glaringly obvious that even she will come to say,

      "But, Father, the Emperor is wearing no clothes!"

    3. "a matter of time before the evidence of Democrat corruption and wrong-headedness becomes so glaringly obvious...."
      If DJT wins next week, your hope here may well have a chance to be fulfilled, but much would hinge on how the ruling class would react to that result.
      As Codevilla put it recently,
      "it may become possible to convince the ruling class, if not the intersectionals, that such accommodation is the best deal they can get. But the intersectionals are violent enemies—who must be dealt with as such. Fortunately, there are more spoiled children among them than heroes."
      (See .)

      If DJT loses, the Dems likely will be able to use DS power, to sabotage the normal process, whereby their wrong-headedness would become so glaringly obvious.

      "we are not as divided as it might appear."
      Even if so, these Elites are so good at ginning up ever-more division, that they can make such appearances supersede the "reality" to which you refer.
      Recall, I referred to the prospects for partition, in the context of analysis of the extent to which the intellectual/ emotional *basis* for the unity of the US is so very tenuous, and vulnerable to destabilization from e.g. demographic changes.

    4. Yeah, I'm not down with balkanizing the U.S. as any sort of solution.

    5. "the actual actions and results by the British Empire much later demonstrate that this does not result in peace of **any** kind."
      In desert terrain (e.g. the British Mandate), or other flatlands (e.g. the Indus Plain), that's usually true.
      But, in places where rough terrain helps factions stay clear of each other, it's another story.
      As I've posted here many times, the US has mountain ranges, well suited to give each new country quite defensible frontiers.
      The Pyrenees have helped separate France from Spain, the Himalayas have helped separate India from China & Russia,
      and the Alps have helped separate the Swiss from everyone, even the Wehrmacht.

      BTW, w/o the India partition, we'd likely have seen incessant bloodshed there, for most of the last 70 years.
      So, it did "result in peace of **any** kind."

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  4. Most of the BLM rioters are children of white liberals. Recent photo display of rioters arrested in Portland were all white.