Monday, October 5, 2020

USA John Bash Resigns

There's no law against resigning from the government for a private job. This reminds me of the woman--I forget her name--that the Trump administration worked so hard to get confirmed as #3 at DoJ, only to see her resign for a big--i.e., big money--corporate job shortly thereafter.

U.S. Attorney WDTX


U.S. Attorney John F. Bash announces his resignation



At 39, I would guess the job he's been offered is far too good to pass up - $$ security for family. The replacement is currently in DC, formerly in his office, and has a National Security background. I think that person takes over the "unmasking" and 702 investigation.  Not done.

You can read about John F. Bash III and his wife Zina Bash and decide for yourselves whether they need to be concerned for the financial security of their family--which, as far as I can determine from Wikipedia, consists of just the two of them. [My bad--it turns out they have a daughter to provide for.]

I'm sure neither of them care about respect from the likes of me.


  1. Curious. This could not have been a money move.

    1. If it is a money move, the implication of some of SWC's continuing tweets would seem to be that veterans such as Durham and Jensen are probably really stupid or don't care about their families.

    2. Or ...

      Durham and Jensen are fighting for the country to the point it might put themselves and their families in various kinds of danger if this is lost.

      - TexasDude

  2. I don't know what to make of this. Is it safe to assume Bash was on the side of the good guys? Did he come to believe the unmasking probe was a waste of time?

    If he did go for the money, that doesn't speak well of his commitment to truth, justice and the America way.

    Just don't tell me he took the price from a rent seeking nest of vipers like WilmerHale or Perkins Coie.

  3. Are prosecutors ever bought off? Lots of bucks out there for anyone who is for sale...

  4. Just saw some video clips of him. A rather ferrety-looking guy…. not impressive-looking. His wife Zina is more interesting.

  5. Possibilities:

    1. Money was too good to turn down.

    2. Investigation was becoming too radioactive.

    3. He had finished his part / investigation.

    4. He worried if Biden won his career path would be destroyed.

  6. John Bash was assigned to investigate unmasking by the Obama Administration in May. Apparently, he wasn't taking any real action to investigate.

    My conclusion was that he resigned in lieu of being fired.

  7. So nothing has happened on unmasking? We're back to square one? That's what we're to believe?

    1. There was very little reason to conduct an investigation on unmasking. Al the evidence needed to prosecute was hiding in plain sight. Should have gotten indictments within 30 days of being assigned the case.