Friday, October 16, 2020

How Big Could The Alfa Bank Hoax Turn Out To Be?

The last time we referenced the Alfa Bank hoax--Alfa Bank Redux--Starring John Durham!--I pointed out that the importance of the fact that Durham is pursuing the Alfa Bank Hoax angle with grand jury subpoenas lies in where that inquiry leads: Straight to the Clinton and, now, the Biden campaigns and organizations:

The Alfa Bank hoax "dossier" memo was written up by Christopher Steele at the express direction of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Sussmann then took the story directly to the FBI--to a friend of his, James Baker, who happened to be FBI General Counsel, i.e., Comey's top lawyer. Knowing Sussmann as he did, Baker also knew that this hoax story was coming straight from the Clinton campaign. Add that background to the involvement of Daniel Jones and Jake Sullivan in the Alfa Bank hoax (see above), along with the fact that James Baker has long been believed to be cooperating with Durham and we come to this: Durham's conspiracy net is attempting to catch some of the biggest fish in the Dem hierarchy, central figures in both the Clinton and now the Biden campaigns. 

The theory that draws these non-government actors into Durham's big picture conspiracy case is they provided false information--false statements, so think 1001--to the government, the FBI. The fact that the FBI would have known the information was false in beside the point. It was a form of information laundering--Hey, we received allegations, we investigated them: Wink, wink! 

Today David Steinberg, at the end of a much longer article:

A Glaring Hole in the Alfa Bank/Trump Server Story Could Unravel the Russia Hoax

Durham’s grand jury reportedly is considering if false information about a Trump backchannel to Putin may have been knowingly passed to the U.S. government.

makes a very smart observation about the lawyers involved in this--Michael Sussmann and/or Marc Elias. Make no mistake about it, these guys--the legal brains behind multiple Dem presidential campaigns and behind the entire Dem political organization--are VERY big fish. Steinberg points out that if they can be implicated in false statements or any other criminal violation related to the Russia Hoax (via its sub-hoax, the Alfa Bank Hoax), then Durham could pierce their attorney-client privilege. Is so, it's Katie bar (Barr?) the door time:

Durham’s grand jury, however, only must establish probable cause for an indictment of a particular crime. It is reportedly considering if false information about a Trump backchannel to Putin may have been knowingly passed to the U.S. government. If it finds that Michael Sussmann or Marc Elias knowingly violated the law on behalf of the Clinton campaign or the DNC, then federal investigators can pursue breaking that attorney-client privilege.

Surely, that’s where the complete history of the plot against the president is to be found.

For my part, I'm gonna trust Trump to win this election. I'll take that gamble, because ...

Do you see how high the stakes are? Do you see the long game that a guy like Rudy can see? Do you really think Trump doesn't see it, too? And Barr?

The Alfa Bank Hoax may seem laughable and a side show, but in terms of how Durham gets from A to Bingo, Gotcha, it could prove to be very important.


  1. "I'm gonna trust Trump to win this election. I'll take that gamble, because ... Do you see how high the stakes are?"
    Yeah, but, trouble is, the Dems also see the stakes, such that, if needed, they'll fry this whole country, before they let DJT get near paydirt.

  2. This is basically the same issue with the FBI and CIA crossfire teamS when it comes to circular reporting and the wink winks.

    Their whole FISA process was built on self validation of predicate via news leaks the team fed to the press to use those leaked stories as evidence.

    Hopefully you are right about Trump's reelection, I believe by the early voting that is going to be the case.

    With FBI Joshua Wilson's name popping up on grand jury subpoenas I think the Hunter Biden money / email / pedo story is going to dominate the rest of this elections news cycle.

  3. Just finished Steinberg article and came over here to find out you had already read and posted your thoughts. Implications are as you describe and hopefully enough people see this information. This conspiracy is so big, intertwined and complex, but I hope casual readers get enough of it to understand the corruption.

    1. "hopefully enough people see this information.... I hope casual readers get enough of it to understand the corruption."
      So much hinges, on what "enough" is.

  4. Just read the same article.

    The big take-away for me, in addition to putting guys like Sussmann in the cross hairs, is the the fact that Cody Shearer described the Alfa Bank back-channel in his own "dossier" passed to DoS by slimeball Sid Blumenthal, and Shearer in turn head about the Alfa Bank back channel from Bob Baer, former CIA operative.

    Baer, in turn, says he first heard of it from NYT journos in March of April 2016, who said they were trying to run down the story.

    The problem is the "evidence" discovered by the "Tea Leaves" "computer scientists" (which was nothing more than DNS look-up activity) does not even begin to show up until May, and was not researched until June!

    This pretty well tells us the Putin-Trump double-secret back-channel narrative was being floated at least as early as Spring 2016, well BEFORE any of the putative signature DNS lookups had taken place, or had been found.

    And that suggests the narrative was a fiction being planted for political purposes, and that the "evidence" may have been planted/fabricated to back-up the narrative that had been previously planted.

    IOW, cause and effect are reversed; that's evidence of a HOAX.

    1. Most of the article really just leads up to the conclusion--it's an argument that there is a real false statement case. It certainly looks like probable cause to me.

  5. In the third week of April 2016, someone at the FBI asked the DNC's IT guy for server logs.

    Then at the very end of the fourth week, in the late afternoon of Friday, April 29, 2016, a conference call was conducted between the FBI guy, the IT guy and Michael Sussman. (Sussman had not participated in the previous discussions between the FBI guy and the IT guy.)

    Following the conference call, Sussman contacted CrowdStrike's Shawn Henry on Saturday, April 30, or Sunday, May 1. (Henry cannot remember exactly which day.) Before that weekend contact, CrowdStrike had not been involved in the investigation of the DNC server.


    Earlier on Friday, April 29, Bernie Sanders suddenly terminated a lawsuit against the DNC. The lawsuit was Sanders' response to the DNC's preventing the Sanders campaign staff from accessing the DNC server. The DNC had prevented such access because some Sanders staff members had accessed, in March 2015, a database that was supposed to be accessed only by the Clinton campaign staff.

    Although the DNC soon allowed the Sanders campaign staff to access the DNC server again, the lawsuit continued until April 29, when Sanders terminated it.

    Then in the late afternoon of Friday, April 29, there was that conference call among the FBI guy, the IT guy and Sussman. Then on Saturday or Sunday, Sussman asked CrowdStrike's Henry to study the DNC server.


    Who was that FBI guy, and why did he suspect already in the third week of April 2016 that the DNC server was being hacked? The DNC IT guy did not have a similar suspicion already in that third week in April.

    I think the FBI's suspicion was based on a report that the FBI Counterintelligence Division had received, through Michael Gaeta, from Christopher Steele.


    CrowdStrike soon found computer viruses that supposedly had been developed by Russian Intelligence. And so, the hacking has been blamed on Russian Intelligence.

    Keep in mind, however, that some staff members in the Sanders campaign staff had been trying to hack into the DNC computer since March 2015 -- and there was even a lawsuit that revolved around that hacking.

    So, had Russian Intelligence put those computer viruses into the DNC server? Or had Sanders' staff members put the viruses there?

  6. When Michael Gaeta was stationed in the FBI's New York Field Office, he managed the investigation of an international gambling ring that was manned by Russians and other former Soviets and that was based in an apartment in Trump Tower.

    It's likely that this gambling ring used Alfa Bank to some extent and that therefore computers in that apartment communicated with Alfa Bank. I speculate that some information about such communications was given to Christopher Steele, who wove it into his reports to Glenn Simpson.

    Although Simpson and Steele did not begin collecting information for the Perkins Coie law firm (which was collecting the information on behalf of the DNC) until June 2016, Steele had been an FBI paid source, managed by Gaeta, since the fall of 2015.

    1. There's unquestionably a lot more we need to learn. Hopefully ...

    2. I forgot to mention here that Sussman worked in Perkins Coie.

  7. Never heard the gambling angle before, very interesting.

  8. I now believe almost every department of government has been corrupted! The democrats have soiled everything they touch. They are worse than the Mafia. As I sit and listen to the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, I know in my gut that these democrats are up to their ears in corruption as well. We have a very dirty party here and they have destroyed a great deal of the integrity of our government. The FBI, CIA, Justice, NSA, Democrats in both houses, Education, IRS, State Dept., The Pentagon, The Courts, Etc.. It is mind boggling to see and hear the damage they have done in 25 years. For Trump it is a very uphill battle, but without him the country is doomed.

    1. Agree completely with two minor quibbles: 1) It isn't just one party and 2) it has been a work in progress for close to 75 years.
      Tom S.