Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Was The FBI In Bed With The Russians?

The Ratcliffe Revelations--here: John Ratcliffe Goes NUCLEAR!--lead to some mind blowing speculation. I'm pasting in below my second update to the linked post. This officially places the United States in the ranks of banana republics. 

Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway have a pretty thorough--thorough to this point--write-up on all this here: BREAKING: Russia Believed Clinton Was Planning Anti-Trump Collusion Campaign In 2016, And U.S. Officials Knew It.

As a former federal bureaucrat who worked for many years in the counterintelligence field, this raises disturbing questions. For example.

If the Russians knew this about Hillary, wouldn't that constitute "kompromat"? Wouldn't Hillary be compromised and therefore subject to blackmail by the Russians, who could reveal her dastardly plot? And yet disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok has a book out claiming--on purely speculative and farfetched grounds--that Trump was subject to blackmail.

Even more disturbing. If Igor Danchenko, Steele's supposed source, was a Russian agent--as the FBI is on record as believing--wouldn't that mean that, since he provided false information against Trump at the behest of a paid Clinton operative, that Hillary and the FBI were in collusion with the Russian intelligence services against the elected President of the United States? Because, after all, Hillary didn't fess up after the election, although she could have and should have. Even worse, it would then appear that the FBI continued to collude with the Russian intelligence services against Trump--since they continued to use the hoax information provided by the Russian agent Danchenko to renew the Carter Page FISA and to launch the Team Mueller witchhunt that eventually led to the fake impeachment.

Think about that. 

Disgraced former FBI Director Comey is scheduled to testify before the Senate. Could be interesting. I'd say he's wedged himself into a pretty tight spot.


  1. What is the story of how Danchenko came to the United States? Is he a US citizen? Exchange student visa? Part of this Danchenko bio is missing. Can someone help?

    1. To the best of my knowlege--and this has interested me--we don't know that. We've been told that when he returned to Russia his visa expired or was no longer valid. IOW, to return to the US--which he did--he had to get another visa in spite of the fact that the FBI thought he was a spy.

    2. Soooo??? Does that drag State into a situation of overtly cooperating with Russian intel? Or did someone in the Admin let him in through a back door? Inquiring minds want to know, and maybe a couple of Dem's to.

  2. This really isn't rocket science.

    The Obama Administration seduced many agencies within the Federal Government into becoming de facto criminal enterprises; and it was criminality in many venues, not just the corruption of the nation's highest law enforcement institutions.

    This situation really is that bad. The people entrusted with the responsibility to enforce the rule of law and stop criminal conduct in the general population were themselves criminals of the First Order. And the crimes they perpetrated were heinous felonies, which included a coup attempt directed against a duly elected president.

    If Barr's DOJ fails to address this DC crime wave of unprecedented proportions, it will become the solemn responsibility of all honest citizens to set up to the plate, just as our forefathers did in 1776.

  3. Yes, tell me again how the Russians planted disinformation smearing Trump in order Trump.