Thursday, September 24, 2020

Good For Sidney!

Speaking to Lou Dobbs this evening, Sidney Powell said that if Sullivan doesn't dismiss the case she'll take it straight to the SCOTUS--to bypass the corrupt Obama DC Circuit. I have an idea that the SCOTUS will take the case if it comes to that. 

Good for Sidney--our judicial emperors no longer have clothes.


  1. Is there no method to discipline (fire) a rogue judge like Sullivan ?

    1. Impeachment isn't in the cards, as I see it. Meed a majority of Representatives to send it to the Senate. Getting 67 Senators to vote for impeachment wouldn't happen unless there is proof Sullivan was conspiring with Van Grack an Flynn's first attorneys. Wouldn't surprise me, but proving it might be a bit difficult.

  2. Flynn Family Releases Statement, Following Documentary Evidence of FBI, DOJ, and Special Counsel Abuse, see .