Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Durham v. Mueller

I've repeated several times my view that John Durham almost certainly believes that he has unfinished business with the Mueller FBI. The Comey FBI was really little more than a continuation of the Mueller FBI, and the Team Mueller SCO was, to a significant degree, a resurrection of the Mueller FBI to defend the Deep State against the existential threat of a fully functional Trump administration.

Techno Fog today has a pair of tweets that provide a sort of snapshot of that Durham v. Mueller dynamic. It very simply illustrates the very different understanding the two men have of the injunction to "do justice." These two tweets will also, hopefully, buoy confidence in Durham as we await results--buoy confidence that Durham is doing all in his power to "do justice." He is not the man to easily allow these crimes to go unpunished or to pull up short when he's on the trail. Please excuse my clumsy embedding job:


  1. According to Howie Carr, see , there's much reason to be suspicious of Mueller's personal conduct in this matter:

    ... So Mueller’s predecessor and his successor both lobbied state authorities not to release the innocent men. But did Mueller?
    Michael Albano, a former member of the Parole board, as well as a former mayor of Springfield, says he has seen a letter Mueller wrote about the imprisoned men.

    “I saw the letter – I will take a lie-detector test, make a sworn statement, whatever,” Albano was saying yesterday. “I reviewed the Parole Board records before I testified in 2003 before the House Government Reform Committee, and there was a letter from Mueller in the files.”

    In 2013, the Boston Globe also reported the existence of such a letter from Mueller.

    However, the Parole Board now *cannot find* such a letter. I have searched the files in the state archives, where I found the letters from the other two U.S. attorneys, as well as from the corrupt FBI agent on the Mob’s payroll. But I could find no letters from Mueller opposing the commutations or paroles.

    So far, the special counsel’s office *has not responded* to two inquiries as to whether Mueller ever lobbied to keep the innocent men behind bars, despite the overwhelming evidence of their innocence, including records of the FBI, which he would eventually run for eight years.'...

  2. Mueller’s reaction here seems of a piece with his “no regrets” response in the ricin case.

    What a piece of work, this thug with a badge.

  3. I deeply appreciate your efforts to instill hope, Mark,and I pray that you are correct.

    But the world is full of folks that did something good, once, and after that, not so much. Cf. John Lewis, civil rights icon.

  4. Mueller's been a dirty cop his entire career. If was Mueller who was behind the sweetheart deal given to Epstein so many years ago.

  5. What a coincidence the Mueller is not fully here mentally is being pushed right now...

    1. Sure, why not? We're going to need a whole second round of investigations into Russia/Trump collusion (and several more impeachments) since the first effort clearly only failed due to incompetence of Mueller. Weismann has assured us this is the case, so we need to lay the groundwork for more investigations.