Sunday, September 20, 2020

UPDATED: Breaking: Suspect Apprehended In Assassination Attempt

 NBC News is reporting that a woman has been detained in connection with the attempted Ricin attack against President Trump. The unidentified woman was taken into custody while attempting to enter the United States from Canada. No other details were available. 

I'm simply speculating, but it sounds like the suspect may be a US person who mailed the package from Canada and was then returning to the US. No doubt we'll be hearing more.

UPDATE: Media yawns at ricin attempt on Trump

Someone sent the toxic ricin to the White House in a letter, either as a warning or an actual attack. The New York Times consigned the story to page 28. It wasn't front page news to the management of Times. A feature story on Paul Rusesabagina of Rwanda was.

The Washington Post likewise did not think President Donald John Trump's life was newsworthy. It ran on its Page One an interview with Jerry Falwell Jr.'s former pool attendant instead.

How different it was when the media was the target of a poison sent in the mail.


But someone threatens this president, ho-hum.

And the Times Page 28 story was headlined, "Ricin Is Said to Have Been Sent to White House."

Is Said. The passive voice is how the media softens a hard news story. And the Times did not even say in its headline who said it.


That was on Sunday. Today, the arrest of a woman in the ricin attack also failed to make the front page of either the New York Times or the Washington Post.

An attempt on a president's life 6 weeks before the election strikes me as more important than a rehash of the Democrat riots in Kenosha that the Post ran on its Page One, or another fires-prove-climate-change story that the Times ran on its Page One.

We have a national media that gives us candy and cakes instead of the meat and potatoes of news. The media entertain and offer their worthless opinions while downplaying important stories such as peace breaking out in the Middle East.


  1. Noticed IRGC issued usual unhinged statement Saturday vowing retaliation against all involved in Suleimani killing. Just an observation. Unclear on timing before or after WH/ricin news. Would be awful intel and rather foolish for IRGC to believe mail gets anywhere near WH prior to off-site screen.

  2. Hearing more, like why she was crossing the border when normal passage not related to commerce has been banned due to covid--unless I am wrong about that, but I thought that was still in place.

  3. So Rosie O’D actually went thru on her promise to move north?

    1. Polar Bears refuse to mate with her. Deported her.

      Rob S

  4. Turns out she wasn't half as clever as she thought she was.

  5. Mr. Waulk, she is a Canadian citizen. "... authorities discovered that she had overstayed her six-month visa and had violated the terms of her passport by committing a crime while in the United States, and she was deported back to Canada, the official said."

  6. I expect the FBI would be somewhat less concerned with somebody trying to send dangerous things to the White House and more concerned with who's producing ricin.