Saturday, October 26, 2019

Voter Enthusiasm Is Killing The Dems

Yesterday I did a short blog on how the Republicans are wiping the floor with the Dems from the standpoint of fundraising and organization: Why The Republican National Committee Has Dems "Freaking Out". Today the indispensable Don Surber reviews an article by Ed Kilgore. Surber begins by examining the absurd Lefty fantasy that Trump is an "authoritarian"--it's pure projection, of course: Emperor Trump? Why not? But then Surber goes on to conclude by presenting some interesting data that Kilgore presents regarding voter enthusiasm, and what that data portends:

Kilgore wrote, "For me the recent benchmark of voter enthusiasm was the 2008 election that lifted Barack Obama to the presidency (I will never forget the citywide street celebration that broke out in Washington the minute he was forecast as the winner). Just before that election, 37 percent of  registered voters said they were extremely enthusiastic about voting, with 32 percent very enthusiastic. That’s right: More than a year out, we’re at or above 2008 levels of voter enthusiasm. And the percentage of extremely enthusiastic folks is a lot higher." 
That is a good sign for President Trump, and a bad sign for the resistance. 
Kilgore wrote, "79 percent of registered voters who give Trump a positive job-approval rating are either extremely (53 percent) or very (26 percent) enthusiastic about voting in 2020. Among registered voters who disapprove of Trump, 66 percent are extremely (43 percent) or very (23 percent) enthused. All the other cross-tabs tell a similar story: White folks are more enthusiastic about voting than nonwhite folks; old folks are more psyched than young folks; Republicans are more whipped up than Democrats." 
79% of Republican voters are pumped. 66% of Democrat voters are. 
President Trump won 30 states with 63 million voters in 2016. Democrats must peel some percentage of those voters away. 
Does anyone have a link to a story about any Trump voters regretting their vote? 
Didn't think so. 
Four more years of President Trump. We choose to remain a republic, not an empire.

So, Republicans are killing it on fundraising, organization, and voter enthusiasm. In fact, the more Dems talk impeachment the greater those advantages become for Republicans. Sounds good to me.


  1. "I will never forget the citywide street celebration that broke out in Washington the minute he was forecast as the winner"

    Yes, I too will never forget those clueless indoctrinated kids ecstatically waving Soviet flags in front of the White House.

  2. As one internet scribe says repeatedly: Don't get cocky.

    It's not "in the bag" until it's in the bag.