Wednesday, October 9, 2019

DiGenova: Sammy The Whistleblower Worked With Fusion GPS, And More

Joe diGenova appeared with Rudy Giuliani on Laura Ingraham's show. There was a variety of interesting chit chat, but the most interesting part was what diGenova said "Everybody knows." I'll just paraphrase here, but it's as close to literal as doesn't really matter. This topic arose in the context of Byron York's disclosure yesterday that Sammy had a professional relationship with one of the 2020 Dem candidates. So,

Everybody knows that Sammy

1) Worked with Fusion GPS, and

2) Worked with a former FBI agent.

Everybody also knows that Sammy didn't write the complaint and that the complaint was actually written by political consultants connected with the DNC.

Lawyers also know that IG Michael Atkinson "is a moron. He got slapped down so bad by the Office of Legal Counsel."

Laura says that even a liberal outfit like Axios defended Byron York's reporting on the 2020 candidate connection which means, she says, "We're gonna learn a lot more." To which diGenova responds, with a very broad smile, "It's gonna get a lot worse."

Giuliani also points out that the "whistleblower" law firm was offering bribes to get people to "come forward", i.e., to make up stories. The bribes were in the form of help with mortgages, etc.

DiGenova gets in a great line re Adam Schiff's nonsensical notions of "obstruction": "If it weren't for double standards Democrats wouldn't have any standards at all."

Amid general laughter at Schiff, Giuliani adds, "It'd be really funny if they weren't trashing our Constitution, and that has repercussions."

Laura closes with the simple factual assertion that the Dems are "trying to paralyze the country." It's the only way they can come up with to try to stop Trump from doing the job he was elected to do.

She then turns to diGenova and asks: "Joe, how confident are you that in the next couple weeks we're gonna know a lot more, from Horowitz, Durham, and the rest?"

DiGenova, with an ear to ear grin, responds: "This is gonna be a bang-bang couple of weeks," and then breaks into laughter.

Buckle up!


  1. When DiGenova talked about a bang-bang couple of weeks, he wasn't clear on just what would happen when.
    Various folks on CTH have predicted Horowitz's report to be published this Friday, or next.
    This really matters, since the impact of a later publication could be drowned out by the noise ginned up by Pelosi's antics, once she and her gang return from the Recess.
    Whereas, an earlier publication could dominate the Sunday talk shows, before the Recess ends.
    Please say your sense of the schedule on this.

    1. Impossible for me to have a sense of the schedule. I have not experience in that.

  2. For about two years I've been shouting into the void: "Who's doing the personnel vetting?!"

    No answer. The same song just keeps playing over and over. "Sad!"

    1. I'd say that the WH legal staff has done a fairly good job.

  3. Why does Pencil Neck always need to state that Congress is a coequal branch of government?

    Because this is theater performance. Spartacus said that Rudy loves theater. It sounds as though the Dems love theater. Come to think of it, you mentioned impeachment as theater.

    Great minds think alike?