Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Briefly Noted: Joe Biden's $900K From Ukraine; John Solomon Spied On?

Most of us have been watching the reports out of Ukraine today that Joe Biden personally received a cool $900K for lobbying on behalf of Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company on whose board Biden's sleazy son sat. Tonight Rudy Giuliani played this up on Hannity, so one assumes that he has some sort of confirmation. Corruption in Ukraine is such that one wants to be careful about reports of this sort.

Also, John Solomon is reporting openly that he has been told by intelligence sources, confirmed by Devin Nunes, that he (Solomon) had his communications "inappropriately monitored" by US intel. FBI? CIA? What that means is that they were investigating a US citizen. On what basis? If the monitoring was "inappropriate" that means there was NO basis. Welcome to police/security state American--but that doesn't qualify as news at this point.


  1. Did we think Shyral Attkisson was making it up? Rules? For the Deep State? This is why they are the Deep State; so they don't have to worry about rules. Otherwise they would be just ordinary and call themselves law enforcement.
    Tom S.

  2. For essentially technological reasons, NSA clones and archives nearly all EC traffic occurring within the US and most of the main trunk lines worldwide. This is known euphemistically as "bulk collection" and is not considered be "obtained" until such time as some analyst proactively reviews a record. In theory, there are procedures in place to prevent abuse, but that is a de facto fiction by virtue of the reality that most of the NSA personnel managing this system are private contractors. All EC traffic by all members of Congress falls within this collection net. It just comes down to who gets their records reviewed and for what reason. Only the highly intelligent members of Congress have figured out this reality.