Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fake Impeachment, Real Delay?

I'll be taking a partial mental health day. Or I thought I would, but couldn't resist this for starters. David Marcus at The Federalist:

According to multiple news outlets on Monday, House Democrats have conceded that they are very unlikely to conclude their impeachment inquiry and vote on articles by Thanksgiving, their original preferred timeline. They cited scheduling difficulties and new evidence of potential wrong doing by the White House as main reasons for the delay. 
Democrats now say that they hope to be ready for a vote by Christmas, but waiting that long to resolve the matter in the House and send it over to the Senate is rife with problems, which was why Democrats wanted it to be wrapped up by Thanksgiving in the first place. If articles of impeachment were passed near Christmas, the Senate would be unable to begin a trial until inside of one month before the Iowa caucus on Feb, 3rd. 
With 5 of the top Democratic contenders serving currently in the Senate, an impeachment trial could badly gum up the works in the Democratic primary. 
According to the New York Times, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries addressed the delay by saying, “Just the facts, baby. If we tell that story with simplicity and repetition, the American people will understand why the president must be held accountable. If we don’t then there is great uncertainty, and in that vacuum Donald Trump may find himself escaping accountability again.”

Three problems with this Impeachment Theater.

First: As I addressed yesterday, and contrary to what Hakeem Jeffries is saying, Democrats are very much afraid of allowing the real facts to get out--which is why Pelosi had to release her falsified version of "Trump's own words", which were not actually his words. That's a clue! Pelosi's Outrageous Fake Narrative Of Impeachment.

Second: Again addressing Hakeem Jeffries. A major problem is that if the real facts do get out and the American people really do understand what's going on, then the Dems will be in really Deep Doo-doo. As noted yesterday, the polling is a pretty good indicator of the country's mood on that score: As I Suspected.

Third: The longer this goes on, the more likely that the American people really do get some real facts--and the likelihood is that those facts will be received courtesy of Bill Barr, but amplified by Donald Trump. That's a very big problem for Dems, the Deep State, and generally anyone who's included in that factual narrative.

Bonus: CIA 'rattled' by DOJ inquiry into Russia investigation origins.

... a lot of people are very rattled. Those CIA analysts I mentioned had to hire their own lawyers ... 
... Not because they think they did anything wrong, but because these are sources and methods ...

Uh, yeah. All those leakers have suddenly got true religion and are now worried about sources and methods and safeguarding their files from prosecutors. Truly inspirational.


  1. Everything has a shelf life. The Dem's are approaching the terminus of Lincoln's "some of the time".
    Tom S.

    1. Another metaphor that could apply would be "crying wolf." Pretty soon people realize there ain't no wolf.

  2. "[i]f it is a criminal investigation, what is the allegation of wrongdoing? No one I talked to can answer that," said the CIA's "mop up man" on Monday's episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

    No, the AG investigation is not like the phony investigations Dilanian and his Deep State masters have been foisting on the country. But it is very generous of the Washington Examiner to refer to Ken Dilanian as a "reporter" instead of CIA stenographer.

    1. I got a good chuckle out of that article. Who, me? Of course I didn't do anything wrong, but, well, just in case may actions are misunderstood I'll start paying big bucks to a criminal defense lawyer.

    2. What really cooks their noodle is the way Barr has effectively sealed off the "leaks". The usual suspects have no idea what is actually going on, just things going bump in the night (is someone rearranging the furniture, or building a gibbet?), and the party media bottom dwellers have no leakers feeding them. This lack of "dope" is making them all crazy(ier).
      Tom S.

    3. Yes! And here's an amusing short thing by Gregg Jarrett:

      Democrats Say Their Newest Witness is the Most Important … Again