Tuesday, October 29, 2019

One Day In The Life Of An Average Liberal

I'm feeling free to quote TGP on this one, since they seem to have freely quoted Newsweek. Newsweek seems to specialize in Florida stories--an increasingly popular sub-category of the news:

A Florida man has been arrested after confronting a 67-year-old man, spitting on him and slapping his “Make American Great Again” hat at a restaurant on Friday evening. 
Robert Youngblood, 67, was sitting at the bar at Hurricane Grill in Vero Beach when he was confronted by Matthias Ajple, 43. 
Newsweek reports that “Youngblood told an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office deputy he was sitting at the bar of Hurricane Grill on 943 15th Place with two friends, when Ajple walked over and said: ‘You should go back to Russia you f*cking communist.'” 
The police report says that Ajple then slapped the man’s MAGA hat, leaned over a gate, and spit on him — before fleeing the scene. Youngblood’s friends witnessed the incident, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. 
Following his arrest, Ajple bizarrely told the police that Trump supporters are “communists” and “racists.” He added, “I don’t even care that I’m going to jail, this is actually exciting, plus I have more time on this earth than he does anyway, he probably feels so good about himself.”

There's a serious point, of course. The story illustrates the effect that the Dem Russia Hoax has on non reality based people--what's known in politics as "the Democrat base."

It's easy to say, well, that's just Florida, but that's not the case. Follow the link to read about how liberals behave in Oak Park, IL. For those not acquainted with Oak Park, IL, it's a very, very upscale and very, very liberal suburb of Chicago. To give you some idea, Oak Park is a pilgrimage destination for people wanting to see all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses there. Or to see the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. Highly, highly recommended:

Where Hate Has A Home - Oak Park, Illinois


  1. Oak Park, IL, place of my birth......sigh.

    1. Ah, well--I was born in a mental hospital. True!

      My father was a psychologist working at a mental hospital. I wasn't actually born there, but we lived on the grounds.

    2. "My father was a psychologist working at a mental hospital."
      So you, like, grew-up among Democrats? No wonder your posts are so insightful. ;-)
      Tom S.

    3. Absolutely. My parents were ardent Dems until McGovern. I was always a doubter while I was still young and am pround to say I've never voted for a Dem in my life.

  2. If this stuff were the worst of it, I'd be less concerned.
    Alas, much worse is the extent to which the ELITE media push this insanity.
    See e.g. the NY Times, hours after 5 Dallas cops were popped, letting M.E. Dyson rant about how "whiteness is blindness", etc., see .

  3. Liberalism is a national emergency-level mental health issue. Decades of accommodating and appeasing liberals and acquiescing to their often deranged demands has only exacerbated the madness. We're becoming one enormous open-air psychiatric institution run by the patients.