Monday, October 7, 2019

Tucker Having Fun With Impeachment Fantasists

Gateway Pundit has this Tucker Carlson video clip up. The first 3:20 or so is taken up with impeachment fantasists--Tucker gets to have some fun with their disconnect from reality. The last part features Tucker talking to Peter van Buren, whom we've cited in the past, about the so-called "second whistleblower." As before, van Buren tries to reconnect with reality, in essence saying once again: Hey, there's a transcript of the phone call--we know what was said and it's totally unproblematic. He then points out that the "second whistleblower", if he really does have first hand knowledge, is simply the source for the "first whistleblower"--Sammy. That means that Sammy was simply being used to conceal the "second Sammy". Or maybe I should be calling them Sammy One and Sammy Two. No matter. The fact remains, the transcript is out there. There's no problem.

Enjoy! as they say in restaurants:


  1. By any chance, are Sammy One and Sammy Two intimates with Bobby Three Sticks?

    Robert Mueller III's prep school nickname...