Friday, October 25, 2019

Larry Johnson On The Meaning Of Last Night

Before we get to Larry Johnson, I want to briefly recap the core of Dan Bongino's show today (h/t commenter Cassander). The core of Bongino's show, Why is John Brennan Melting Down? is the big picture of the Russia Hoax. I've written about much of this at one time or another, as have others, but Bongino gathers all the threads together into a coherent presentation. Here's how it works, in outline:

The Russia Hoax was an operation of the Hillary campaign. 
As such, it was largely the brainchild of Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, with help from Nellie Ohr. 
But a major role was played by George Soros. Soros wanted to run Ukraine as a private fiefdom and, of course, enrich himself further. To that end, Soros, as usual provided lots of money to the Dems running the US government, who obligingly harassed Soros' rivals in Ukraine. In return, Soros ensured Ukrainian cooperation against Trump. 
John Brennan provided Christopher Steele. The reason Steele was needed was that, in order to instigate an FBI investigation of Trump/his campaign, a frontman with credibility was needed--an ex-MI6 spook was perfect. An oppo research firm like Fusion GPS would never have worked.

The buck for all of the US government cooperation with Soros stops, of course, in the Oval Office. We know that Obama was in on the planned coup. All the rest of what we've been following falls under this umbrella. Some of this may take a bit of a different shape, but I believe that as a big picture it works.

One last thing before Larry Johnson. Many of you saw John Ratcliffe on Fox last night. Ratcliffe stated as fact that the nearly simultaneous announcement from IG Horowitz that his report would be coming out shortly with minimal redaction and from DoJ that Barr/Durham was now a criminal investigation with Grand Jury powers was not a coincidence. The announcements were related.

With that in mind we turn to Larry Johnson, whom I've cited several times in the past. I picked this up from Gateway Pundit and you can read the entire thing there: Bill Barr Has Pulled the Trigger and Altered the Landscape – The Deep State Does Not Truly Understand the Peril They Now Face. Johnson has been a longtime Deep State observer and I believe him to have good sources. Read this in light of the big picture that Bongino provides:

I do not believe in coincidence. I do not believe that it is a mere coincidence that these three events occurred late last night: 
1. The investigation of the roots of the plot to destroy Donald Trump and his Presidency is now a criminal matter. 
2. A letter from Inspector General Horowitz announcing that his report on the FISA fraud would be out shortly with no major redactions. 
3. The Government caved to Honey Badger Sidney Powell and allowed her to fully expose criminal conduct by Michael Flynn’s prosecutors. 
What is going on? Two words. Bill Barr. The Attorney General has pulled the trigger and altered the landscape in the Russiagate saga. Having been granted full authority by the President to declassify information, including intel from the CIA and the NSA, he has now acted in a powerful, but low key way. 
The announcement that this is now a criminal investigation means that anyone, including FBI agents and CIA officers, who try to hold back information or hide information will be vulnerable to obstruction of justice charges. Criminal penalties attach. 
Faced with possible charges of obstruction, FBI Director Christopher Wray and his sycophants last night folded like a cheap tent in a hurricane in terms of blocking release of the Inspector General report on FISA abuses. They also withdrew the FBI objections to the Exhibits that Sidney Powell had attached to her brief explaining why the FBI had engaged in criminal activity against her client, General Mike Flynn. 
When Durham goes to the CIA, the DIA and the NSA asking questions and demanding documents they must cooperate or face criminal charges. That is the game changers. President Trump granted Bill Barr full authority to declassify any classified information. That includes anything collected by the CIA or the NSA. Neither intelligence agency can hide behind the claim that something is classified. If they try, they will face being charged with obstruction of justice. 
Bill Barr has a spine of steel and plays by the book. He does not color outside the lines. I do not think the Deep State fully understands or appreciates the depth of peril they now face. The lies and the withholding of key documents that have been common practice over the last two and a half years will come to a screeching halt. 
At some point the lawyers for the media companies will wake up and realize that spreading lies on behalf of people facing criminal charges could expose them to obstruction charges as well. 
That is what last night means.

Barr has been laying the groundwork for this since he came on board--maybe even planning before he came on board as AG. He's been watching reactions, learning who his friends are, and who his enemies are. Like the student of military history that he is, he believes he sees the full battlefield now, and has set his forces in motion.

Oh, gotta add this--every army on the move needs a good war march, and you can't beat a good pipe march


  1. Also of interest:

    FISA Virus Maria Butina Released from Federal Prison for Immediate Deportation….

  2. Yes, with it clearly a criminal probe now, the possible targets are probably going to be told by their lawyers that media contacts are potential liability.

    Also, though I had really noted it, Johnson is correct- the lack of redactions in Powell's filing is a change, and a big one. I should have noted that fact- it really does look like the law was laid down to the FBI director and his underlings.

    1. Powell made the argument which shows Wray's bad faith at the FBI. She pointed out that the prosecutors had specifically said that nothing they provided was classified--so what grounds could the FBI possibly have for redacting anything? Except delay and covering up?

    2. "...the possible targets are probably going to be told by their lawyers that media contacts are potential liability."

      Weren't they always? I've been amazed by Brennan, Comey and Clapper's public speaking...I can only assume they thought they were somehow invincible...

    3. Likewise. I can only suppose that the Deep State concluded that they couldn't win in court and so they had to win in the "court" of public opinion. But from a legal standpoint that's a counsel of desparation.

    4. From the outset of the hoax and coup, the Deep State has played the game in the court of public opinion, hoping to turn the tide against Trump, and that he would fold like a cheap suit--like most Rep politicians. Comey, Brennan, et al., have been brazenly playing the Big Lie all along--they can't turn back now. Doubling down is the tactic of players who don't recognize they are losing. Their arrogance and hubris got them this far--it's sure to be their downfall.

  3. I'm watching Dan's video. I am a real fan of his. And he gives credit to others for the work that everyone has done to break this story.


    1. Do you have a link, so I don't have to do a search? :-) I meant to watch that today, if that's today's show.

    2. I will send it to you. I am actually watching the link that you provided about Brennan melting down. I love the remark about Brennan's adult diapers.

      Here is today's link It is about the austere scholar.

      Back to this post of yours, I love the comment that media lawyers may realize that their organizations have exposure.

      I'm so tired of abuse of the first amendment. Two white men in CT were charged with saying racial slurs. While reprehensible, it's not a crime.

      Meanwhile, the media libel, leak and lie.

  4. This is an outstanding development and it gives me a lot of hope. The storms are gathering.

    I assume that minimal redactions in the Horowitz report means that the named names are criminal suspects and that the information that would normally be redacted is now declassified.