Sunday, October 20, 2019

Oh My! About Those Blackberries

Ever wonder why Joseph Mifsud fears for his safety?

Ever ask yourself, Who would I give my spy phones to if I wanted to guarantee my safety?

Ever wonder why Bill Barr and John Durham didn't tell anyone else in the US government when they flew to Rome to talk to Mifsud and/or his lawyers?

Ever guess that Barr and Durham probably laughed all the way back to the US after obtaining Mifsud's two Blackberries?

Ever wonder why the Deep State is all puckered over the Barr/Durham investigation?

Wonder no more!

Greg Rubini has this to tell us:

1. Gen. Flynn case - the Mifsud Blackberry phones

The two Blackberry phones that were given to Mifsud did not have an Italian SIM.

2. The two Mifsud phones had a British SIM.

How do we know?

3. From the ICCID of the SIM cards.

The ICCID #1 is 89441000302074582859

The ICCID #2 is 89441000300487623120

(info from the Court Document)

4. The Mifsud Blackberries both had a 894410003... SIM.

The 44 after 89 identifies UK.

The 894410 identifies Vodafone UK as the service provider.

5. Mifsud blackberries had a British SIM?


If I was Gen. Mike Flynn lawyer, Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 , I would look into Hakluyt...

6. HAKLUYT is a British PRIVATE spy Agency, with Headquarters in Mayfair, London.

The most EXCLUSIVE and the most expensive part of London.
Between Bond Street and Hyde Park.

Hakluyt does the dirty jobs that MI5, MI6, GCHQ are not allowed to do.

7. Hakluyt officers are former MI6 and GCHQ.

Hakluyt has HQ in London, and subsidiaries in New York, Sydney, Singapore,
Tokyo, Mumbai (India).

Quite a network...

And LOTS of Money

8. Take a look at the HAKLUYT Advisory Board...

the Who's Who...
Execs of Microsoft, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Mitsubishi,
Central Bank of Argentina...
and Iain Lobban, fmr GCHQ Director 

9. Many of the guys involved with the Spy / entrapment Operations of Gen. Flynn and George Papadopoulos are connected with HAKLUYT.

10. Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper (and Joseph Mifsud) are all connected with HAKLUYT.

Alexander Downer was even on the Board of Directors of Hakluyt
from 2008 to 2014... 

11. And guess WHO ELSE is connected with Hakluyt....

12. Yes, that's him !

All Roads lead to Brennan

(here pictured in the Hakluyt New York Office, at 540 Madison Avenue, NYC)

Me: Mifsud had those phones for quite a few years. Lots of data on them. Oh my!


  1. >Hakluyt <

    How do you pronounce that name?

    1. There seem to be a lot of variations. Hack-lit, Hack-loot. The "uy" looks to me like it might be Dutch, but all the names I've seen have been of Englishmen. Something like "Hack-lit" seems to be the most common.

    2. Hakluyt (hak-loot), believed to be Welsh. Interesting guy… 16th century. An excerpt from a longer piece (linked below):

      Government leaders considered Hakluyt's work so important that William Cecil (Lord Burghley; 1520–1598; see entry), secretary of state to Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603; see entry) arranged financial support for him. In 1582 Hakluyt traveled to Paris where he worked as a priest for the English ambassador to France. He held this job until 1587. England and Spain had become political enemies, but France had remained neutral. As the possibility of war increased, England and Spain sent spies to France, hoping to get information there about enemy plans. Though it is not known whether Hakluyt was actually a spy, he did sometimes carry secret papers back to England. In France Hakluyt was able to study materials relating to French, Portuguese, and Spanish voyages of exploration.

    3. Interesting. "The Hakluyts were of Welsh extraction, not Dutch as has been supposed."

    4. Here is info on Hakluyt & Company, Ltd., the name of which was indeed inspired by the l6th century Richard Hakluyt I posted material about earlier.

      And there’s this news item:

      Britain is concerned about Australia’s links to Hakluyt security firm created by former MI6 agents

      THE UK has expressed disquiet about Australia’s links to a shadowy security firm set up by former MI6 agents, which involves Alexander Downer.

  2. Well, if nothing else, this photo proves that Brennan isn't a vampire.

    Or am I confusing mirrors and photographs?

  3. Getting the comm history of those phones is critical. I assume they were remote-erased and nothing much remains on them. And I assume Hakluyt & MI6 won't cooperate. So we'll have to go to the NSA to see what they know about the history of those phones.

    We either get the comm history of those phones (which would bad news for the Obama gang) or Barr/Durham announce that UK/MI6/CIA/FBI/NSA refuse to cooperate (which would also bad news for the Obama gang).

    I think the Obama gang is in serious trouble. And Barr/Durham hopefully have serious security details.

    1. Thanks for that. It might depend on how sophisticated Mifsud was. If he removed the cards or even simply turned them off as soon as he thought he was in trouble, he could have saved data. We'll just have to wait and see.

  4. Barr/Durham brought back much more than just the Mifsud Blackberries during their foreign travels. The UK, Italians, Ausies, and Ukraine have provided a huge cache of incriminating evidence, much of it tangible electronic communications traceable to the Obama White House and CIA. For some inconceivable reason, these fools did almost nothing to cover their tracks, such was their hubris. And the Deep State is planning a defense based upon using this same evidence to try to persuade the public that the whole coup endeavor was legitimate. What is truly scary is that these imbeciles were in charge of our government for 8 years.

    1. Even more than hubris, their probable belief that Hillary was going to win. All of their chicanery would have gone poof! Disappeared…

  5. Thank for the info. But please our God with a capital letter. Not to be confused with millions of earthly gods and idols.