Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Two Recent Under The Radar Stories: Comey The Editor? Clinton Foundation In Oz

There have been two lengthy stories recently at TGP that deserve attention--but don't seem to have received much. Although I read both stories I haven't tried to cover them here because the details are somewhat complex, and because I'm hoping to see further reporting on both stories.

Commenter Mike Sylwester linked the most recent story yesterday in a comment. The title tells it all, as far as the conclusion goes: Fired FBI Director Comey Likely Doctored His Memos In Effort to Take Down President Trump and the US Senate May Have the Evidence! The idea is that Comey may have altered some of his famous memos that he wrote after meetings with Trump, in order to heighten the impression of "obstruction." In fact, it is suggested that this move on Comey's part may have been a leadup to the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel--may have been the true focus of Team Mueller pretty much going back to the original post election FBI operations. The argumentation is detailed and, as I said, complex. However, I found it at least persuasive. It certainly shows how much ground Barr/Durham have to cover.

The second story plays into the assertion that I made not long ago--that it defied probability that Australian PM, Scott Morrison, traveled to Washington to meet with Trump only about Aussie spy and "diplomat" Alexander Downer's meetings with George Papadopoulos. The second story presents another aspect of US connections with Australia that may well have been part of the discussions: Clinton Foundation Bilked $130 Million From Australia – After 2016 Election Directors Fled Country from Headquarters Housed in a Shack on a Dirt Road Outside Melbourne. The reporting at TGP relies on investigation by a retired Australian detective, Michael Smith.

It has long been known that Downer was instrumental in funneling at least $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. Smith's investigation suggests that the total amount reached $130 million--Australian government that was, of course, funded by Australian taxpayers. That's not chump change, and yet no one seems interested in learning what Australia was supposed to receive in return.

From that start, Smith's reporting goes in considerable detail into the connections between Australia and all the major players with whose names we're all familiar: Mifsud, Brennan, Comey, and many more. As I said at the beginning, it's too complex to easily summarize but well worth the read. The takeaway is that there was far more going on between the Australian branch of the Globalist Deep State (Five Eyes) and the American British branches than Downer's meeting with Papadopoulos. The closing of the TGP write up graphically illustrates the suspicious nature of it all, with the emphasis on the Clinton Foundation. The caption in the photo below was obviously added:

Aussies got nothing from the Clintons in return – 
What did Australian taxpayers get in return for these millions of dollars? Our [Australian]  media are not even asking the question. 
Instead it’s left to bloggers like Michael Smith to point out that the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Australia is a suburban shack in outer Melbourne and all the nominated directors have fled the country.


  1. Can you explain why Brennan, Clapper and Comey when asked about this seem bewildered? They say things like "farfetched", "far-right" and "conspiracy." The same is said by their allies, the Dems and Deep State. They never come out and deny anything.

    My question is rhetorical, which I'm pretty sure you know.

  2. When we read about this allegation about Comey altering his story, it sure makes sense why Mueller tried the rope-a-dope doddering old man dodge.

    He's got a lot to answer for. Have you ever notice he looks so evasive when he's photographed? Maybe he's got a guilty conscience.

    1. There is something creepy about the way he looks out kinda from under his eyelids.

  3. There is something wrong about the GP story- Trump tweeted that he had no tapes on June 22nd/23rd of 2017, not June 7th. I don't put it past Comey to alter the memos in his possession after his termination, but there is no evidence of this- just speculation.

    1. Tx. I found the details too complicated to sort out expeditiously. I certainly don't put something of the sort past Comey, either--and we have the example of the Flynn 302 to back that view up. What's clear is that these memos, which were absolutely created and retained as evidentiary, were handled in a completely irregular manner. Believer me, the FBI has very definite rules for such matters.