Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How Deep Will Durham Go?

If Adam Housley is to be credited, the Durham investigation will go beyond the Russia Hoax and may get into issues that ultimately relate to the fake impeachment. Here's my reasoning.

Today Housley tweeted:

The corruption runs deep and through both parties and it ain’t gonna look good when it’s all said and done. 
It ain’t about Republican and Democrat anymore…it really isn’t. People were given the opportunity to do the right thing and some chose wrong. It’s about right versus wrong. 
Names to watch…McMaster. Rosenstein….McCain. This crosses party lines and you all need to be prepared. This isn’t about being pro Trump, or anti Trump. You ALL need to understand that….and you need to be willing to call it out irrespective of party. 
Major issues within the FBI. An agency that I love as you guys know. But major issues. Sides being taken and even amongst former agents, a lot of frustration. Especially outside of headquarters. 
Wray should have cut out the cancer and didn’t.

The key here, I think, is McMaster. With Rosenstein and McCain we're basically talking about the Russia Hoax, pure and simple. True, Rosenstein's involvement in the Mueller Witchhunt leads to impeachment, but not directly. I think we can distinguish Rosenstein from McMaster in that regard.

While it's true that with McMaster we could be dealing with leaks, nevertheless the fact that McMaster took Eric Ciaramella as his personal aide is highly suggestive. It's a far more direct link to fake impeachment than anything else we can come up with.

If Durham is seriously looking at McMaster--as I very much hope--then Barr's characterization of the Durham investigation as "sprawling" takes on a whole new meaning.


  1. >> "If Adam Housley is to be credited, the Durham investigation will go beyond the Russia Hoax and may get into issues that ultimately relate to the fake impeachment. " <<

    I have long suspected there existed a seamless CONTINUUM between the Russia Collusion Hoax and the Ukraine Quid pro-Quo Hoax, which was the basis of the Dem Impeachment. The latter is just an extension, or continuation, of the previous effort, after Mueller Investigation came up empty.

    What intrigues me is the possibility that Ukraine Faux Impeach effort was in large measure a peremptory attack on the Trump Admin to thwart Giuliani's investigations into what was likely sleazy money laundering kick-back deals during the Obama Admin, with Joe Biden and his son Hunter being Exhibit's # 1 and #2. The former US ambassador is also likely dirty, it seems, and so is Ciaramella, among many others, IMHO.

    IOW, once this gets to the fake Ukraine Impeachment, this goes everywhere into Deep state bi-Partisan illegality.

    Burn it down. Burn it all down, if that's what it takes to rid the of the cancer eating out the soul of the US government.

    I hope Barr and Durham have the guts to go all the way to the end of whereever this leads.

    1. And the time necessary to go all the way to the end as this will last beyond the election. If Trump loses, this thing will get shut down quicker than anything.

    2. If you are going to eat an elephant, you don't try to swallow it in one bite.

      There is already enough on Durham's plate that can't possibly get it all resolved before the election, so it's inevitable that there will be some overhang. Hence, that is not a reason to NOT pursue this wherever it leads.

    3. There is just no way we've seen the last of the dirty tricks this year. The mission was never "see if you can take out Trump, and if not - oh well, at least you tried." It's always been "keep going till the job is done."

      While they know it's too late to see him removed from office, his losing re-election is the next best thing. I have no idea what sort of shady crap is being cooked up (other than as much voting fraud as they can possibly muster), but I know it is being cooked and it will be launched at some point. Otherwise they're just hoping Biden can beat Trump in a straight, fair, may-the-best-man-win matchup, and there's zero chance that's their plan.

      I just have to believe there are some crazy twists and turns still to come this year. I see no way around it.

  2. Related: I see that DiGenova yesterday said in his Howie Carr Show interview that he expects indictments "in June."

  3. Think Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation, the hard cold cash to Iran, Benghazi, gun running to Mexico, etc and we are getting really warm.

    You enter the extreme heat zone, though, when you consider our government officially turned into the Stasi under Obama.

    - TexasDude

  4. After reading the Wikipedia on McMaster And his book, Dereliction of Duty, it makes sense. He saw Trump as another Johnson, arrogantly leading the US down the wrong path.

    From a review of his book:
    “ portrayal of Johnson's advisers as men possessing a distinctive combination of arrogance, deviousness and disdain for expertise different from their own.”

    1. When your hammer is Vietnam, every nail looks like Johnson?

  5. Jack Posobiec tweeted that McMaster sought advice from Susan Rice, who recommended Ciaramella to be his personal aide. McMaster's personnel decisions at NSC, relating to Adam Lovinger, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Kris Bauman, etc. all were no doubt embraced by Rice..and perhaps advised by Ciaramella. And who recommended McMaster at NSC? It appears that McCain or a "top McCain aide" (David Kramer?) were involved.

    1. The mind boggles, eh? Was the appointment of McMaster a misguided attempt to placate the McCain wing? It'll be one helluva book when the true story is finally told.

  6. The enormity of the Obama Administration corruption was initially responsible for the time-consuming nature of Durham's investigation (it just kept growing because every time he turned around, another rabbit hole of criminality revealed itself).

    But now, the problem is that a near-endless stream of whistle-blowers is rushing into his office, and they're bringing tons of documentation with them. The dam has burst, and it's the Deep State's worst nightmare.