Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Flynn And CA-25

Just a hunch. My hunch is that there a revulsion at the treatment of a military hero by the Left and their judicial proxies will quietly sweep the land and strengthen the resolve of normal people to vote GOP in November. We saw that in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings--at least in the Senate. Will we see that in the wake of the Fake Impeachment in House races?

Perhaps the CA-25 House Special Election is a harbinger of things to come. Mike Garcia, the former Navy fighter pilot, is leading 56-44, with a 17K ballot lead, in a Hillary district. Dems have till Friday to manufacture ("harvest") enough ballots to override the election. Even in California that's a tough hill to climb.

If that's happening in California, consider the rest of the country. This insane assault on Flynn by Sullivan, in the face of massive evidence of FBI and DoJ criminality, may bring a bitter harvest for Dems in November.

Read all about the CA-25 special election here: A huge GOP blowout in Garcia's CA-25 House race win -- with a wait for the ballot-harvest.


  1. I figure CA25 is still yet to be thrown. When ballots start showing up in trunks of cars. We'll see what Friday brings.

    1. That too will be a red flag to the rest of the country.

  2. Yep. There is a real risk of revulsion at the treatment of a military hero by the Left.

    Not only that, and just to say it again (I said it a few minutes ago in response to your last post), there is a real risk (to the Left) of creating the venue which destroys Obama if they persist in persecuting Flynn.

    In the sense that maybe 100 million Americans, probably many more, still think Flynn is guilty of being a spy and that Trump is Putin's puppet. They are ignorant of "scandal-free" Obama's central role.

    A conviction and sentence by the hapless Sullivan of an innocent 3 star general framed by a corrupt White House would generate enormous national interest and extreme outrage from some quarters of the (probably already about to explode) Right.

    An ultimate appeal to the Supreme Court and a hearing, in which Obama's role couldn't be covered up, even more. All along the way, the government's criminal wrong-doing -- and Obama's central role -- would be Exhibit A. Even the NYT and Wapo would be forced to write about it. CNN and MSNBC would be forced to cover it.

    Think about it...what better way to bring Obama to justice?

    Durham may be able to get to the same result, but the entrapment and conviction of an absolutely innocent three star general by a cabal of criminal conspirators in the White House and an utterly corrupt Weissmann team is a great canvas for Sidney Powell (and Bill Barr) to paint their case on -- for the whole world to see.

    It would be the Left's Watergate, but much worse. One way or another it will be: the worst scandal in American history.

  3. They only need a fraction less than 2 out of 3 remaining ballots to go Dem. They way I reason; the Dems have this one in the bag. Literally and figuratively.

  4. Cassander,

    I think that you're on to something. It seems that the more the Dems/Deep State/Fake News/Kangaroo Courts try something, the more it blows up in their faces. They are desperate, grasping at straws and failing.

    I, too, am hoping that the voters will spank the Dems. They need a HARD spanking. How about 65 conservative Rep senators and 350 conservative Rep congressmen?

    1. Whoa, I was a little high with 350 GOP congressmen. 250 is what I meant, although 283 would proportionally equate to the 65 senators

  5. P.S. I anticipate that the Fake News will play down the fact that CA-25 was anything but a rebuke of the Dems. It'll be buried, if covered at all.

    1. @Joe --

      I have come to believe that this is a result of the Miracle of Trump. An undoubtedly flawed individual, this man called Trump came to us disguised as a reality show tv host with unnatural skin color and a preposterous hairdo. An egotistic, narcissistic alleged racist, nationalist, homophobe. With a far-fetched political agenda laughed at by both Democrats and RINOs.

      Its a long story, but not only does Trump have awesome political identify the real issues confronting our country...but he has this remarkable ability to make his opponents self-destruct when they go after him.

      I believe we are now in the early days of watching Barack Obama expose himself for what he really is. Whether this means indictment or not we'll see. But I think it is increasingly likely that the truth of the corruption of his presidency will be proven without doubt.

      Thanks to Donald Trump. We have so much to be grateful to him for. As you say, let's hope voters get it and return a GOP supermajority in Congress this November.

  6. Dems will notice the election. My guess it’s more about Coronavirus than Flynn.

    Five big election issues for November:

    1. Continued lockdown. LA county just added 3 months. Excuses are until you have daily testing and/or vaccine, you need the lockdown. Other states with their nursing home deaths, due to requiring admittance of positive tested patients.

    2. Economic recovery - jobs is an area Trump shines on. Dems are just out of touch.

    3, Flynn / Trump unfair prosecution. Unfair prosecution is Another issue that resonates with Black community. Plus with Trump voters.

    4. Sexual harassment. There is a killer ad waiting to be created on how racist the title IX was in outcomes. This will deliver a lot of the Black male vote to Trump. And hurt Biden with Women.

    5. China

    1. you would think that these issues were decisive for Trump.

      But everything is so strange now, who knows which way the electorate will swing.

      Plus, they have to vote the full ticket for it to mean anything.

      If Dems have any power, they will abuse it. Sadly, this is tru of any party. Repubs will abuse it, too, but not in the sense of Dem tyranny.

  7. This article has more information than any published elsewhere. It reveals that so far more Republicans than Democrats returned ballots. Total turnout may be end up being larger than for the March 3 primary. But we know how ballot harvesting can change things. Can they suddenly come up with the current differential plus one?

  8. Not so bad a day after all: Smith concedes.

  9. Gleefully, I report, I was wrong, the Dem has conceded in CA25.