Thursday, May 14, 2020

Immigration And The War On The Elderly

This is true. There's a big election issue in the offing here.

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  1. I have been seeing “nursing homes” used as a catchall for facilities including everything from skilled nursing homes, which are way-stations on the path home from hospital care, surgeries, etc. Convalescence, rehabilitation and the like.

    Then there are the residential homes for the bedridden or those unable to live on their own. They may be elderly; they may be younger. I knew of a young man who was in a fine one in West Los Angeles throughout his teen years and until he finally died at 21. A drowning victim, born with cerebral palsy, who survived drowning in the family pool. He needed 24 hour/day care.

    They are not just facilities where the elderly are filed away. And it is considered a medical truth that once the seasonal flu starts through one, it can cause numbers of casualties.

    In our area (Southern California) medical facilities are staffed by a fair number of persons from other countries. Quite a few come from the Philippines...