Friday, May 8, 2020

Third Win In Two Days For Trump

The first win came yesterday with the DoJ moving to dismiss the hoax prosecution against Michael Flynn. Yes--that's a victory not just for Flynn and the rule of law, but for Trump, too.

The second win, of course, was the release by Adam Schiff, under duress from Rick Grenell the acting DNI, of 53 transcrips of witness interviews before the House Intelligence Committee--all dealing with various aspects of the Russia Hoax. Expect a cascade of new revelations. Big win for Trump.

And now today John Solomon reports:

SCOTUS grants Trump administration's request to shield Mueller grand jury materials
DOJ lawyers argued that breaching grand jury secrecy would negatively impact the cooperation of future witnesses

To me this was always a no-brainer.

Note: This is a temporary order, but the Trump administration intends to file a full appeal.


  1. Your link to the article does not work.

  2. Mark, I had a general question about Trump's counter punch(es). Is it possible Trump and allies could have wired up the White House or even used their own CHS'es? Like spy on spy? Could there be recordings of deep staters (within NSA staff) plotting and conspiring?

    1. Short answer: Yes.

      No government employee has a presumption of privacy with regard to their use of government property/facilities.

    2. There were wild accusations that Trump found audio gear in the walls during a remodel. The assumption, given by Trump himself, was that this was used be Obama, Comey, et al. I just assumed it was left over crud from Nixon. Maybe it worked and was used by seditious Obamaphiles and Trump was letting them know, publicly, that they were found. I never thought that maybe Trump kept them or expanded/enhanced them.

      - TexasDude

  3. Dov Fisher, a Rabbi and formerly a very high power lawyer gave the best explanation I've seen about why grand jury testimony is and must remain secret: