Monday, May 11, 2020

Wisdom From Matt Taibbi

Jack Cashill has an article today at American Thinker--Seth Rich Refuses to Stay Buried--that's worth the read all on its own. However, toward the end Cashill reproduces a very striking quote from a book by Matt Taibbi that is well worth reproducing and pondering for what it means about America--about our Deep State, about our imperialist overseas adventures, about our media establishment, about our political establishment and our political culture, and about our educational establishment:

If [Seth] Rich’s ultimate fate remains certain, what is altogether clear is the conspiratorial role the major media have played in keeping this story buried. As renegade Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi observed in his book Hate Inc., “Being on any team is a bad look for the press, but the press being on team FBI/CIA is an atrocity, Trump or no Trump.”


  1. I read that article and read the associated letter written by Ty Clevenger to Ric Grenell and it made me wonder if we can ever get to the bottom of all this. But exposing the Seth Rich angle, if its to be believed, would involve somebody in a cold-blooded murder in downtown DC. That's pretty hard to believe, but I find myself wanting more information. Would somebody actually commit murder to keep from exposing the rank corruption of the DNC and their national election fraud in 2016? Maybe they would.

    Gateway Pundit is now running an article expanding on that at American Thinker.

    1. "Would somebody actually commit murder to keep from exposing the rank corruption....?"
      Of course they would.
      As Stalin said, the death of one man is a tragedy, but the deaths of millions is a *statistic*.
      While this crowd *so far* lacks the power Stalin had, it's brutally clear that they long for such power.

    2. Speaking of GP, they've an article on the virus stuff, at , on RFK Jr. vs. Gates and Fauci.

    3. "Plandemic" chapter 1 link below, if it hasn't yet been removed...again (always interesting that YouTube's "acceptable content" policy is so firmly cemented at the nexus of leftist "correctness" and censorship) --

  2. Looking at the body of evidence that is known about the Seth Rich murder, the conclusion I came to long ago was that murder was not the purpose of whomever it was who jumped him that morning outside his home at 4AM. Robbery was also not the motive.

    If they intended to kill him, they'd have popped another round in the back of his head. If they were there to rob him, they'd have taken his wallet, watch, etc.

    I think the most likely explanation is somebody suspected he exfiltrated a bunch of DNC emails, and some goons were dispatched to confront him, and perhaps lean on him to turn the data back over if he had not yet shared it, or if he had, to divulge who he shared it with. I suspect things spun out of control, and one of the goons panicked and shot him, and then the goons split as fast as possible.

    Think of the armored car robbery at the beginning of the movie "Heat" -- the crooks only want the bearer bonds, nothing else, and they are wearing disguises so there's no need to kill anyone. But the "new guy" on the crew gets trigger happy and wastes one of the armored car guards.

    I suspect what happened with Rich was similar, except that the Rich shooting was probably the result of an inexperienced goon who panicked, or the gun went off in a struggle with Rich. Killing him wasn't part of the plan.

    1. Sounds right. The key, tho, is that the D.S. didn't come clean on it.
      As, with the Waco massacre, etc.

    2. Rich was shot in the back with two .22 caliber rounds with no wounds to vital organs. The attending ER doc successfully treated the wounds and documented a good prognosis for recovery. Rich was then transferred the nearby ICU for overnight monitoring. There was a delay in notifying next of kin, and within a few hours Rich was mysteriously transferred from the ICU to a private room in a remote section of the hospital. He died under unexplained circumstances later that day. In a sane world (non DC), these facts would be viewed as suspicious and a law enforcement investigation would be initiated. To date, not one cop in the DC metropolitan district has stepped forward to blow the whistle. That's DC clout in action.

  3. The three entries from you today are simply outstanding. Wow, so much is occurring. I'm glad, if one can use that term to describe the sickening corruption that took place.

    While I want to see justice done, I mourn for how far America has fallen.

  4. “Being on any team is a bad look for the press, but the press being on team FBI/CIA is an atrocity, Trump or no Trump.”

    BREAKING: High level Intelligence sources tell MSNBC's CIA mop up man Fusion Ken Dilanian that reporter Matt Taibbi is a malevolent space alien plotting to colonize Earth, enslave humans in the extraction of the planet's precious resources, and conduct horrific hybrid experiments on children before grinding them into paste and eating them.

    This story is developing, depending on any additional derogatory things Matt Taibbi says about the CIA's or FBI's relationship with the media. Stay tuned only to MSNBC (or CNN) for news you can trust more than facts.

  5. I haven’t seen a word on Philip Haney’s shooting death at a rest area at the intersection of two relatively well-traveled highways in Amador County, California. In February the FBI vowed to investigate. Although the sheriff jumped to a verdict of suicide, he had to walk it back.

    Philip Haney: FBI to investigate death of DHS whistleblower, initially thought to be suicide
    Official who spoke out against Homeland Security practices during Obama administration was found shot dead

    Obie’s track record for assisted suicides may end up rivaling the Clintons’.