Wednesday, May 27, 2020

UPDATED: John Dowd: Mueller And Rosenstein Should Not Walk

Brian Cates won't like this, but President Trump's attorney during the Mueller Witchhunt, John Dowd, is saying that Rod Rosenstein needs to be held to account. This is included in a Gregg Jarrett at Fox: Trump attorney accuses Mueller of 'monstrous lie and scheme to defraud'

The fact that Dowd believes he was lied to and deliberately misled by Mueller isn't news. What's of interest in the article is Dowd's take on how the entire DoJ/FBI campaign against Trump relied on the Steele Dossier--a document they knew to be discredited. It is for this act of corruption that Dowd says Rod Rosenstein must be held to account:

They used it as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign and investigate the president. This led to the illegitimate appointment of the special counsel, Bob Mueller, who launched an investigation in search of a crime that never occurred. As Dowd correctly stated in his letter, the special counsel appointment was “void” because it was the product of corruption. 
On Tuesday, Dowd called Mueller’s investigation and report a sham. “They knew there was nothing there.” Dowd said that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also knew it and is “just as guilty.” 
Dowd said he hopes that U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is currently investigating the Russia hoax, would hold all of them to account for their rampant corruption and dishonesty. “Their three-year investigation was all phony,” he observed.       
Trump’s attorney concluded our conversation with these words: 
“They knew there was nothing to investigate. People subverted the system of justice. One corrupt act after another. It’s staggering. The lies were monstrous. It was all pretense and fraud. Mueller should not walk. Rod Rosenstein should not walk.”

Once again: Predication.

UPDATE: Rosenstein to testify as part of Graham's Russia investigation probe

Rosenstein, in a statement, confirmed that he would testify. 
"I am grateful to Chairman Graham for the opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about information that has come to light concerning the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process and the FBI’s counterintelligence decision-making, as a result of completed inquiries by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and ongoing reviews by U.S. Attorneys John Durham and Jeff Jensen," he said. 


  1. Even worse than the obvious corruption and criminality of the Mueller SCO persecutions was the extreme tactics employed in the arrests of Manafort and Stone.

    This was pure Gestapo and abused the FBI SWAT teams as attack dogs. That did irreparable long term harm to DOJ/FBI reputation, but more significantly, could easily have morphed into another Ruby Ridge type debacle in which some innocent is accidentally killed in the chaos of an unnecessary overwrought arrest.

    That is more than malfeasance or abuse of office, it is evil for the sake of evil. Stone's wife is deaf, and if she had panicked in the early morning chaos of that arrest, she might have been accidentally shot by an overzealous agent. Imagine how that would have been received in Middle America.

  2. I have been speculating that Rod Rosenstein originally was in on the plot to remove President Trump from office, but later repented and confessed practically everything to President Trump.

    I assume that John Dowd is much better informed than the public is. Dowd's recent statement indicates that perhaps Rosenstein never has repented and confessed.

    Rosenstein remains a major mystery.

    1. My suspicion is that your inititial instinct is correct--that RR was perhaps the first of the plotters to realize that the light at the end of the tunnel was a train heading his way. Which doesn't mean he walks. It only means he was the first to realize the need to take steps to save his ass to the extent possible.

    2. This has been my impression as well. He ran to the WH to save his own butt, and rode on AF1 to discuss "things" with Trump.

      Trump has made remarks subsequent to this that indicate that RR told Trump multiple versions of events over time, which are not consistent with each other.

    3. Pure speculation here but remember that press conference AG Barr gave - @ least a year ago now I think - where RR was standing behind him? RR looked like a kid that had just been read the riot act by the principal. He appeared chastised & embarrassed. My guess: Barr flipped him.

      Said before & I’ll say it again: FBI needs to be dissolved. It’s proven itself a rank, incompetent, highly partisan organization.

      Sean “Tik Tok” Hannity keeps up this bromide about “99% of the FBI being honest, hardworking agents”, based on what is he saying this? Where are the whistleblowers? Working behind the scenes? Ok - time will tell then.

    4. Yes. That was at a time when RR probably knew that Sessions would be gone and Barr would be the likely replacement.

    5. Boardwild ...

      I am not justifying, but when you are cog, even a low level supervisor, it is hard not to go along. Moreover, you could be tasked with a something that you are told by high ups is justified and proper or something that was compartmentalized keeping you in the dark.

      - TexasDude

      That said, there are things cogs can do. How much you can do depends upon how far up the issue goes and how widespread it is.

    6. @Boarwild

      "Sean 'Tik Tok' Hannity keeps up this bromide about '99% of the FBI being honest, hardworking agents', based on what is he saying this? Where are the whistleblowers?"

      It was reported recently that Durham had expressed concern about the total lack of a single whistleblower at DOJ or FBI in regard to the Russia hoax. Presumably his investigation has uncovered troubling facts that he believes should have compelled at least one person with fidelity, bravery and integrity to come forward.

  3. Robert Mueller certainly has disgraced ...

    * himself

    * the FBI

    * the US Justice Department

    * the institution of the Special Counsel

    * the United States of America.

    Mueller imagined that he would heroically remove President Trump from his elected office, but he failed miserably. He deserves to be remembered as an infamous villain in US political history.

    1. I believe that that is very necessary--to get his legacy out in the open for what it is.

    2. Absolutely. Whitey Bulger. Steven Hatfill. I'm sure there's probably more.

      WRT Rosenstein, since he's set to testify before Graham's committee, we may get an indication of whether or not he's gotten some sort of religion since Barr took over. If he just clams up, that could possibly be with DOJ approval, to protect ongoing investigations. But if it's just more sanctimony and blame shifting and playing dumb, that will be a different story.

      More succinctly: will it be the same old sanctimonious blowhard or a newly humbled sinner?

    3. ...but his anthrax investigation was perfect! ?

    4. Brad, I have to assume that that's being done with Barr's approval and subject to well understood provisos.

    5. @mistcr: Steven Hatfill is the anthrax case.

    6. No list of B.S. Mueller's greatest *hits would be complete without noting the Madrid bombing case and Brandon Mayfield — an example of the kind of investigative excellence that presaged the Special Counsel collusion fraud.

  4. If Rosenstein flipped, having him testify the day before the vote for subpoenas would make him a "star witness" of sorts which would shame any holdouts into voting for subpoenas. It would also make for great television.

    I think Rosenstein has a deal. Unless he was going to just show up and plead the fifth, I cannot imagine him taking the risk to show voluntarily without a subpoena. Looks like he was the only one to do so.

    1. He was absolutely central to this whole Russia Hoax--the scandal after the election, as Barr likes to say. Dowd is 100% correct about that.

    2. My understanding is RR is testifying VOLUNTARILY.

      Now, why would someone in his position volunteer to give testimony under oath in matter in which he potentially has some criminal exposure?

      One reason would be if he already has a plea deal worked out with Durham, and has already given testimony to a Grand Jury.

      Does this make sense, given what we know?

    3. As recently as when POTUS nominated Ratcliffe for the first time, Rosenstein perked up on Twitter, mentioning the likes of Burr and Graham, recommending Sue Gordon over Ratcliffe.

      Two ways to play that: either he's still dirty, or he was playing along with the plotters, but has turned. My guess is the latter - him now testifying voluntarily fits in with that.

  5. >> Brooke Singman

    NEW: Former acting AG Rod Rosenstein to appear as first witness in @senjudiciary investigation into origins of #Russia probe on June 3 at 10am.

    1:09 PM · May 27, 2020 <<

    Echoing the comments above, if one wanted to prepare the public to accept the validity of soon to be opened indictments by Durham (predicted by DiGenova to be coming "in June,") there would be no better way to establish the validity of the underlying conspiracy to spy on a political campaign and subsequently seek to commit a soft coup to overthrow the nascent administration than to have one of the key witnesses to the coup plotting process to stand up in front of the Senate Committee and testify under oath about the conspiracy he witnessed.

    Fingers crossed....

    1. Durham investigation and Senate Judiciary inquiry are separate. I tend to doubt that Durham would be coordinating in any way, shape or form with Lindsay's senate oversight theater.

    2. If RR has indeed turned stool pigeon I'm thinking Durham at least said, "Sure Roddy, you can go play with the neighbors. I'll call you when we serve up desserts." The other option is that Rosenstein has an idiot for counsel.
      Tom S.

    3. McCarthy: Senate Collusion Theater

  6. Here's the key part of RR's statemetn about his Senate testimony that is not in the update:

    >> "We can only hope to maintain public confidence if we correct mistakes, hold wrongdoers accountable, and adopt policies to prevent problems from recurring." <<

    Sure sounds to me like he's going to reprise John Dean's role in the Watergate scandal.

    The mere fact he's testifying voluntarily tells me he's got a plea deal from Durham.

    1. John Dean was the mastermind of Watergate, he lied his butt off to throw guilt on Mitchell.

  7. I read one or two things from Cates maybe a couple years ago. I concluded he was a Q-believer.

  8. "You’ve got nothing! Go ahead! I can’t wait for you to try. You’ve got no leg to stand on ... They knew there was nothing to investigate. People subverted the system of justice. One corrupt act after another. It’s staggering. The lies were monstrous. It was all pretense and fraud. Mueller should not walk."

    Of course he'll walk. He's a Deep State golden boy. But it's not the first time "prevaricating" Bob Mueller was challenged to "do f***all about" something that threatened to expose monstrous government lies and subversion of justice. It's just the first time it's spilled into public. Nothing will happen to Mueller. He's one of The Unaccountables.