Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Attacks On Barr Miss The Real Point

Just as Debra Heine got us thinking back to who the real Rod Rosenstein is, this Dan Bongino tweet (below) explains EXACTLY why it's "taking Barr/Durham so long." Even a blogger I really respect, Don Surber, has consistently come out with wrongheaded--and factually mistaken--posts attacking Barr. Today, for example: Barr kicks the unmasking can past the election. Surber appears to believe that "unmasking" is a crime that someone could be indicted for.

Bongino tweets Tucker Carlson exposing exactly who blew the perfect chance to expose the entire Russia Hoax. It wasn't Barr:


  1. Great Video!

    My theory is Senator Graham remembered he has a primary, so started making the right noises again.

    Only after Trump took out a couple of sitting Senators (unheard in mid terms), did McConnell start working with Trump. Note there are still NO recess appointments, and it only takes one Senator to stop this no recess BS.

    I’m astonished at how anti Main Street both parties are, they really HATE Trump. Worker visas is a great example of this.

    On Barr we will see. He has made progress, and supported Righting the wrongs of the Flynn investigation. The production of the Brady material was a huge positive step by his administration. I’m disappointed Wray is still there. I am hopeful those involved in this coup will be punished, but I would not be surprised if a lot gets swept under the carpet.

    I wish more of the GOPe would lose their primaries.

  2. Good start for Tucker.
    If he does a Pt. II, it should expose most of the MSM, incl. the darlings of Fox's daytime lineup, esp. Juan Williams and Chris Wallace.
    Did any of them ever *not slobber* all over Mueller, or Schiff?
    Has anyone there (e.g. Brit Hume) ever called any of that lineup out?
    It's all One for the Ages.

    1. And, let's add the never-Trump "intellectuals" (e.g. G.F. Will), who presumably do the bidding of Conservatism Inc.

  3. No argument here.

    The counter-offensive didn't seriously begin until after the GOP lost their majority in the House and until Bill Barr's appointment. Heaven knows where we would be without him.

    I would just observe, counterintuitively perhaps, that nobody has done as much to kill the 'collusion' story dead as the hapless Bob Mueller.

    I'm sure that's not what his many backers intended.

  4. It’s not the entire GOP that was against Trump. I am not sure where the breakdown line was, but a decent amount of Republican leaders outright opposed or just stated Hillary cannot win.

    Lindsay Graham May 6, 2016 ...

    “I just really believe that the Republican Party has been conned here, and this guy is not a reliable conservative Republican."

    Prior Graham that year, Graham stated Trump was not fit to be President.

    Paul Ryan stated in May of 2016 that he was not ready to back Trump. Later that year, Ryan refused to defend or help Trump in any way.

    VP Dick Cheney called Trump a liberal Democrat in May of 2016.

    McCain and Sessions came out strong supporters in voice, but their actions belayed that.

    Mitch McConnell stated in May 2016, that he supports the nominee, Trump, because that it is what the party selected.

    In June of 2016, he stated the GOP will change Trump and not the other way around. McConnell further stated that Trump must lead by right of center implying McConnell believes Trump is left of center.

    Trump, in my view, represents most of America. I mean not left, not right, an amalgam. I know for a fact that that is how I am.

    One thing that these folks ignore is his core beliefs, that can be publicly verified since 1980, are most definitely conservative, Republican, and flat out just American.

    In 1980, Rona Berrett gave a puff interview with Trump. In it, briefly, he gave word to what is MAGA ...

    “ Rona Barrett: You are a mover. You are a doer. If you could make America perfect, how would you do it?

    Donald Trump: Well, I think that America is a country that has tremendous, tremendous potential. I think that much like the mind I think that America is using very, very little of its potential. I feel that this country with the proper leadership can go on to become what it once was, and I hope, and certainly hope, that it does go on to be what it should be.“

    There are Youtube videos if you prefer.

    Pretty much throughout the interview you see flashes of his views and leadership today.

    - TexasDude

    1. Agreed for the most part. Most I would say weren't sure what to believe... The Deep State's version or the noise Nunes was starting to make (which was the real noise) I might add. Non-believers suspicious of Trump and his crew, deep trust in law enforcement only to be let down, and potential political liability. It's all a gosh darn shame.

  5. Republicans in House and Senate were afraid--as always--to go up against the media. Always on their back foot, always playing defense.They were afraid of what would be said about them if they weren't supportive of the investigation--using transparency and accountability as the clichΓ© jargon du jour.

    Remember, most of them weren't fans, didn't support or campaign for him, and were surprised when he won. They didn't know him--Trump was an outsider, he wasn't one of them. Few had the cojones to defend Trump as the president.

    But the whole hoax/coup game was to get the media ball rolling with rumor, innuendo, smear, collusion, conspiracy, obstruction, an investigation resulting in anything to trigger a public acclamation to force his resignation, or remove him from office. The ends justify the means was the mantra.

    No one knew that Trump was tough enough to withstand the onslaught and persevere. They thought he'd fold like a cheap suit.

    And only slowly are Reps earning that Trump plays offense, never defense. Dems still think Trump is the caricature they've always imagined.

  6. Broken record time. I quit being a Republican after 30 years when I saw that I was being played by them. I used to love W. Now I have no use for him. Something's wrong when he has more good to say about the Clintons and Obama than he does about President Trump.

    I still say term limits. No more lifetime appointments to the House or Senate. John Dingell served 59 years, 21 days.

    I have no use for David French, George Will and William Kristol. There's others, too. No more conglomerations owning telephone or cable systems and buying NBC, CNN, etc. CEO pay and interlocking boards need to be looked at.

    We're too cozy in this country for the haves. Pro team owners, players, even religious leaders.

    People need to wake up to what is going on.

    1. Dubya, and Conservatism Inc./ Wall St., did much to drive the people into the arms of Sparklefarts.
      Thanx for nuthin', guys.

  7. "My mistake was relying on the word of the FBI"
    —Fmr Rep Trey "Howdy" Gowdy

    Which he did religiously throughout his time in Congress.

    1. "relying on the word of the FBI" brass. Really!
      Any "veteran" politician, who *relies* on the word of any wheel in any gov't agency, should be asked
      "what sort of barn were you born in?"

    2. Actually, someone barn in a barn would recognize the smell of horse manure.
      Tom S.

  8. My view is Paul Ryan was a non-Trumper who influenced others with his weasel approach so much that his focus was on the tax relief package instead of taking others to task for the Hoax. Of course, then he quit.