Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Major New Post In Process

Well, maybe that's a bit grandiose, but at least I'll be working hard at it. We'll see how it turns out. I'll try to be enabling comments fairly promptly but may not be participating too much. Unless we get significant new revelations.


  1. I can't keep up with all the new articles here and everywhere else.

  2. Wouldn't it be super cool, if DJT could get Pence to announce his retirement, w/ Ms. Powell to take his place!
    Even most Hoosiers would be ecstatic, esp. if, by that time, Flynn is a free man.
    To the entire GOP grass roots, her role in freeing him makes her the MJ of U.S. law.
    For them, she all-but Walks on Water, and will also be a saint for suburban "swing" women, once they absorb the magnitude of her victory for Flynn.
    Tho I can't find her birthdate, I presume her age to be a non-issue.

    1. Not sure I would want Pence to retire at this point. I think he's a very effective counterweight to Trump's punching style. Having said that, if she were interested, I'm sure she is well qualified to perform many functions in the Trump administration. I often hear Flynn's name tossed around as FBI Director - why not Sidney Powell? She has more relevant creds than Flynn in that world, one could argue.

      According to this site, she was 56 as of 9/21/19 and her bday is May 2. Which makes her a spry 57.

    2. Thanx for the date.
      Maybe Pence is OK, but she'd be the most towering Veep pick for a GOP ticket ever.
      Only Papa Bush in 1980 came close to bringing as much *gravitas*, and that was mainly in the sense of uniting the "moderates" to Reagan.
      Her gravitas has zip to do with ideology, it's all about her Standing Tall for Justice, in what was actually the Trial of the Century.

    3. The marvelous Sidney Powell graduated from law school in May 1978. I would imagine she was a precocious student!

    4. I believe she graduated from college at age 19.

  3. ... or Powell as a "cleaner" for the FBI and DOJ.

  4. Mark,

    We’re all grateful for the information you provide via your blog and appreciate your efforts accordingly.

    For those so inclined to try to stay abreast of some poignant news while you toil, here are some worthy news items I have come across this morning:

    1. Progressive meltdown (Wired magazine) over new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, who was sworn in by outgoing (Acting) DNI, Ric Grenell:

    2. Ric Grenell has done an outstanding job as (Acting) DNI and what a class act he is. Declassifies more material for John Ratcliffe to release as he enters his new position:

    3. A good reminder how Obama administration electronic surveillance of US persons was NOT just limited to Obamagate. Could Rod Rosentein’s role, as US Attorney of Maryland, in other surveillance be true?

    4. NY Post editorial board has stepped up with a couple writings coming out against the liberal media. Here is one:

    5. Enjoyable radio interviews with Joe diGenova yesterday morning from WMAL and the Howie Carr Show:


    Howie Carr:

    -- Dave

  5. Just when we’ve come up for air, along comes SOCB! Argh….

    You are some aggregator… :-)

    1. ROFL, Bebe!!! Well, I figure the Undercover Huber marathon tweet wasn't enough to keep everyone busy over the Memorial Day Weekend. Was it? :-)