Sunday, May 16, 2021

UPDATED: Two Good Reads: Covid And ... The Russia Hoax!

A day or two ago I made reference to a concept going around called "contagious vaccines." It seems we live in a world gone mad, run by mad scientists, mad eugenicists, mad financiers, mad clerics, and mad politicians. I'm sure I've left a whole bunch of madmen out, but you get the idea.

Today there's a very interesting article that goes into some detail regarding this business of "contagious vaccines" and the madness of it all:

Self-Spreading Insanity: The Age of Contagious Vaccines

Hopefully this excerpt will give you a flavor for what this article gets into--madness:

In a short paper published in February of 2020 in Nature Ecology and Evolution — just as the global hysteria over COVID-19 was taking off — researchers at the University of Idaho described a wondrous new frontier in public health.  Their vision: "optimizing the vaccine itself so that it can be effectively passed to other individuals." In effect: Make the vaccine itself a contagion.

In the coming utopia of viral genetic engineering, these scientists explained, vaccines will no longer require physical "jabs" at all. Instead, technocrats will have the option to skip the pesky pitfalls of needle-based vaccines (such as distribution and consent), and get straight to business — by introducing freshly engineered immunizing viruses directly into the environment.


Note that the 2020 paper was not some idle think piece tossed out by head-in-the-cloud Ph.D.s on the outskirts of academia. The concept of immunizing populations by making vaccines contagious and then releasing them dates back at least twenty years.

The current effort appears to have been underway since at least 2007, and not just in Idaho: other involved institutions include the University of Texas-Austin, the University of Montana, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Colorado State University, and U.C.-Davis. All appear to be collaborating through DARPA on a project called PREEMPT, focused on "scalable vectored" viruses — basically, self-spreading vaccines.

For those concerned that the COVID vaccines might not be causing enough reproductive mayhem, self-spreading vaccines should be able to help with that, too. As the Idaho authors note, self-spreading vaccines first arose from efforts to develop "sterilizing vaccines," or "immunocontraception." Make no mistake: sterilizing, self-spreading "vaccines" are a going scientific concern.

Aside from all these interesting qualities, self-spreading vaccines may even be targeted to specific groups based on their behavior. To quote the U. of Idaho authors: "transmissible vaccines will also benefit from delivery to individuals with specific behaviors."

Read it all. This is important.

As for the Russia Hoax ...

The NYT has a very interesting article that focuses on the shadowy world of "private intelligence firms". So, think: Orbis Intelligence International, Fusion GPS, etc. The author of the article is Barry Meier:

Secret Sharers: The Hidden Ties Between Private Spies and Journalists

A booming, renegade private intelligence industry is increasingly shaping (and misshaping) the news.

Meier is writing a book about this shadowy world, so the article is intended to whet the appetite of potential buyers. I'll offer these excerpts to whet your appetite to read the rest of the article--which is well worth your time. The excerpts are intended to give an overview of the topic--what private intelligence firms do, who's behind them, and so forth. Meier does this with a couple of examples, both of which focus on Fusion GPS. My excerpts focus on Chris Steele's connection with Glenn Simpson's Fusion GPS:

Beneath the dossier’s journey from media obsession to slush pile lies a broader and more troubling story. Today, private spying has boomed into a renegade, billion-dollar industry, one that is increasingly invading our privacy, profiting from deception and manipulating the news.

Big law firms in New York and London are clamoring for the services of firms like Black Cube, an Israeli company that worked for Harvey Weinstein. Dictators are using private spies as freelance intelligence agents, and off-the-shelf technology is making it easier for them to monitor cellphones and hack emails. Over the past decade, spies for hire have become more emboldened — just as their power to influence events has become more pervasive.

While I was examining the private intelligence business, it became clear that I needed to look at another profession, the one where my career had been spent — journalism. Reporters and private investigators long have had a symbiotic relationship that is hidden from the public. Hired spies feed journalists story tips or documents and use reporters to plant stories benefiting a client without leaving their fingerprints behind.

The information they peddle is often sensational. It can also be impossible to verify or be untrue.


Fusion GPS, like its competitors, belonged to a wider web of enablers — lawyers, public relations executives and “crisis management” consultants — who serve the wealthy, the powerful and the controversial. For their part, private intelligence firms take on jobs that others don’t know how to do or don’t want to get caught doing.


In the fall of 2016, Fusion GPS invited selected reporters from The Times, The New Yorker and other news organizations to meet Mr. Steele in Washington and receive briefings on what he had uncovered about the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. As is often the case in the world of private intelligence, the meetings came with a catch: If news organizations wrote about the dossier, they had to agree not to disclose that Fusion GPS and the former British agent were the sources of the material.

Spoiler alert: Maier acknowledges, in essence, that Steele hadn't uncovered anything--and he quotes reputable journalists (yeah, yeah) to that effect.


Mr. Steele was described to journalists as having played a pivotal role in breaking huge cases, including the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, a former K.G.B. agent, and the F.B.I.’s investigation into bribery at FIFA, soccer’s governing body. And when speaking about Mr. Trump and Russia, he came across as calm, understated and confident, according to reporters who attended the meetings.


It was easy for many journalists to believe that Mr. Trump would do anything to win, ... And while Mr. Steele said that his information needed to be confirmed, he left little doubt that he was right.


Mr. Steele had talents. And as with many private spies, his past was his big selling point. But his purported achievements were hard to examine since they were by nature secretive.

The best friend of Mr. Litvinenko, the murdered ex-K.G.B. agent, said neither he nor Mr. Litvinenko’s wife had heard of Mr. Steele. Neither had a former Times reporter, Alan Cowell, who wrote a book about the Litvinenko case. Ken Bensinger, a BuzzFeed reporter who wrote a book about the FIFA scandal, said that after speaking with Mr. Steele, he concluded that Mr. Steele really didn’t know much about it.

 Just How Reliable Is Christopher Steele?

Over dinner in Moscow in 2019, Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, offered her take on the matter. ...

... she raised an issue that reporters who embraced the dossier had blown past: How did Christopher Steele know more about Donald Trump and Russia than the C.I.A. or MI6?

For that matter, how did Steele know more about Donald Trump than ... the FBI did? Huh. Weird, right? Especially when you consider that we've never been told who those private contractors were who the FBI was using to conduct all those illegal 702 NSA database searches. You'd think the FBI would want to clear the air of all those rumors that it was Fusion GPS connected people who were some of the contractors--but no.

Then again, you'd think Maier might raise the matter of Fusion GPS's connection to the Obama White House--in addition to its work for the Hillary campaign. Recall--the very day after Admiral Mike Rogers put the kibosh on those 702 searches Glenn Simpson's wife, Mary Jacoby turned up at the White House. Coincidence? Inquiring minds would love to know more. With John Brennan and James Comey in the pocket of the Obama administration, why would they need the services of Fusion GPS?

UPDATE: OMG! This would be so funny--if it weren't so pathetic. Daily Caller has a story about, in effect, what a sh*t John McCain was: Steele Associate Offered To ‘Feed’ Michael Flynn Story To WaPo Columnist, Ex-Spy Testified. The photo below is from the famous Cambridge meeting. "Sir" Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, grabs Flynn's right hand while Christopher Andrews prepares to shove the knife into Flynn's back:

What a crew!

Oh, the "Steele associate" was close McCain associate David Kramer and the "WaPo columnist" was David Ignatius, of course.


  1. Ask poor Matthew Keys how big the corporate/private espionage business is and how far they go to protect it!!!

  2. 'Funny' that our national 'newspaper of record' would print a story in 2021 telling its readers what 'private intelligence firms do, who's behind them, and so forth...', even including references to Fusion GPS. When future historians will find it impossible to research and understand the true story of GPS Fusion's role in the Russia Hoax simply by reading what the 'investigative' reporters for the national 'newspaper of record' wrote from 2016 to 2020.