Monday, May 17, 2021

UPDATED: Neanderthals In The News, And Other Covid Updates

Neanderthals rock! Not as in Stone Age rocks but as in mask-less:

Texas reports zero COVID deaths 2 months after Biden slammed 'Neanderthal thinking'

It marked the first time the Lone Star State reported no coronavirus deaths in about 14 months


Is it possible that we're turning a corner with regard to the Covid Hoax? With more and more states opening up safely, it's safe to assume that advance word of these developments have led to the Zhou regime's panicked turn-on-a-dime change in Covid policy. The increasing focus on Fauci's ties to the Wuhan origins of Covid, exposed by many but especially by Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson, is also having an effect--an effect that isn't going away.

In related news, there are now reports that the Indian governments promotion of cheap and effective medical treatment for Covid--Ivermectin and HCQ--has led to Covid deaths plummeting after a recent surge.

Also of interest. CDC data indicates that only about 6% of deaths in which Covid has been implicated can be attributed to Covid alone. In the other deaths an average of four co-morbidities contributed to death. Now, each of these cases is unique. Did Covid hurry death along? Probably. On the other hand, it's also safe to say that many or even most of these patients were nearing death to begin with--as the heavy incidence of death among nursing home patients indicates (average life span of such patients, six months). The bottom line is that deaths attributable to Covid and Covid alone number--in round numbers--about 10,000.

Now, here's an eye opener. If you compare that number of deaths--roughly 10,000--to the number of deaths and injuries directly attributed to the various experimental gene therapy injections you get a disturbing perspective. AmThinker has a long article today--Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?--that covers those deaths. The generally accepted number, based on the VAERS reporting, is that as of late April deaths and injuries numbered at a minimum: 3,544 American deaths and 12,619 serious injuries.

These vaccines have coincided with 3,544 American deaths and 12,619 serious injuries as of April 23, according to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reports System database (VAERS, republished "as is" in user-friendly format here).  The flu vaccines by comparison are linked to 20–30 death reports a year, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, and those 20–30 death reports come with considerably more vaccines administered.

VAERS has for many years been criticized as underreporting such incidents, so it's difficult to state how precise those numbers are. However, because virtually all VAERS reports originate with medical personnel it's safe to assume that these numbers represent a minimum. Where is the proportionality in this?

It's beginning to look like these issues are going to get raised publicly. If and when that happens ...



  1. The COVID situation in India is being misrepresented.

    Since India has such a large population, the absolute cases/deaths appear to be huge, but when normalized by population, India is in a FAR better situation than many other countries.

    1. True. The accounts I've read seem to be saying that the Indian government has aggressively sought to make these medications broadly available, and that their efforts are paying dividends.

    2. It seems much of the world has been held captive by ideological vaccine absolutists. Mad scientists.

  2. One of the mind bending realities we are forced to endure is the realization that there is simply no way now to confidently write off almost any 'conspiracy theory' as too crazy. If someone had told us 3 or 4 years ago about the things we've witnessed up to now we'd have written them off as kooks. Now...almost anything must be considered.

    1. This is true. It's taken me quite a while to come to this. But now the theory that there are no conspiracies looks exactly like ...

    2. Speaking of conspiracies, Denninger's "Market Ticker - Canceled" site has stuff worth a look, e.g. on how the brass' 2020 scare tactics ignored the far worse death stats from 2017, see (the middle of a long) post at , predicting that, once much of the public gets hip to the magnitude of the scam, most major players (e.g. Biden, Harris, Fauci, Trump) will be toast, while DeSantis will be smelling like a rose.

    3. I would not be surprised to see that coming. I see that Nate Silver, of all people, is saying that Fauci 'gaslighted' us. If libs catch on--and they will if 2022 comes down the way it's looking--there'll be hell to pay.