Thursday, May 20, 2021

An American Disgrace

Campus Reform has carried an interview with a prominent doctor at the Johns Hopkins Medical School--Dr. Martin Makary. In the interview Makary slams the closing of schools under the pretext of a Covid pandemic as "an American disgrace." Makary takes aim at his own profession, as well, criticizing doctors for submitting to non-scientific groupthink out of fear. 

Selections from the Campus Reform article:

Dr. Marty Makary — a professor at Johns Hopkins University’s prestigious School of Medicine and a Fox News contributor — [] during an interview with “Coffee With Closers” ripped public health officials’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the interview, Makary explained his thinking on herd immunity and his correct prediction that the United States would see a slowing of COVID-19 infections by April of 2021.

“What we’re seeing is a divergence in the data right now. You’re going to see two pandemics — one among at-risk people and the other is among young people who are healthy,” he said.

Makary also challenged Dr. Fauci’s representation of herd immunity.

“When people say we need to vaccinate 70-85% of the population in order to reach herd immunity — which is a quote you’ll hear again and again, especially coming from Dr. Fauci — that’s not true,” he remarked. “Because half the country has natural immunity from prior infection. And some doctors — especially the old school doctors — have dismissed that.”

Makary was particularly critical of medical officials’ decisions to close schools and slammed groupthink in the medical community.

“... “It’s an American disgrace. And I think what we’ve lost a little bit in the medical profession is to speak your mind. Too many people are worried about what folks are gonna think of you.”

The interview runs for 35 minutes:

Unfortunately, few prominent politicians have spoken out as forcefully.


  1. Unfortunately, few prominent politicians have spoken out as forcefully.

    This seems to be the root of all evil in this ccp virus mess. How this cowardice and groupthink happened will be a study for social psychology for some time. Practically speaking though, it's a clear flag that our society is very sick. Hard times ahead.

  2. Dr. Makary has regularly been speaking sanity on Fox throughout the pandemic. A very common sense kind of guy. The kind you want for your personal doctor if you can find one.

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