Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Possible--Albeit Imperfect--Measure Of Side Effects

One way to get some idea of how many people who have been vaxxed suffer from side effects to one degree or another is to compare the number of vaccines administered to the number of persons who are "fully vaccinated." For example ...

USAFacts reports:

At least 153,986,312 people or 46% of the population have received at least one dose.

Overall, 117,647,439 people or 35% of the population have been fully vaccinated.

That means that, nationwide, potentially 24% of those who have had at least one injection had side effects serious enough--and that is to some extent a very subjective decision--that they refuse or decline the second injection. And reporting tells us that the rate of people getting vaxxed has declined precipitously. Even MSM outlets freely admit that this is likely due to reports of side effects and deaths. Those, of course, are official reports--word of mouth isn't measurable.

Admittedly, this is a quite imperfect measure, but since the VAERS numbers are also very imperfect one needs to start somewhere. We know that VAERS seriously under reports. If we start with the fact of people going in to be injected with a medication that they've been informed requires two injections but who subsequently decline the second injection, that seems at least a scientifically viable starting point for inquiries. One obvious avenue would be comparisons to the flu vaccine and reporting of side effects in that regard.

Interestingly, as I commented a few days ago, the Blue/Red divide is not a totally reliable predictor in this regard by itself. In my state of Illinois the numbers today at WirePoints look like this:

Total vaccine doses administered 10,110,969
Total Illinoisans fully vaccinated 4,607,114
% Illinoisans fully vaccinated 36.16%

That works out to only 45% of Illinoisans who have gone back for a second injection. Deep Blue Illinois thus ends up ranking #30 among all states for population that is fully vaccinated.

Transparency. Lack of transparency is a killer, and people know that.

ADDENDUM: This has no bearing on side effects, but it does have a bearing on Blue state hesitancy rates--via Don Surber:

The Los Angeles Times reported, "Only about one-third of Latino and Black Californians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while majorities of white and Asian American Pacific Islander Californians have, according to a Times analysis.

"The Times analysis found that 33% of Latino residents and 34% of black residents of the state have received at least one dose of vaccine. By contrast, 50% of white residents, 46% of Native American residents and 60% of Asian American Pacific Islander residents have received a dose."

The contrast is fairly stark. How to explain that? Are whites and Asians more susceptible to authoritarian prescriptions, more trusting in government?


  1. A comment that I decided not to enable once again claimed that Dems only receive 30-40% of black votes--the rest is fraud and has been since, presumably, the Civil Rights Act. The writer took the vax stats as confirmation.

    The actual reason why so many blacks are vax hesitant has to do with the:

    I can't speak to Mexican hesitance, but then Mexican's are not nearly as committed to Dems.

    1. I'm hesitant to take the vax. I simply don't have enough information available and honestly don't believe a lot of it. Anyone who says "masks will protect you" are the same people who say take the vax. So they have zero credibility.
      They say trust the science, then spew non-scientific falsehoods as facts. Its clown world.

      I have not contacted my doctor, but would before taking the vax. Though right now it looks to me like more risk if I do take it then if I don't.

      I believe the masks are a pacifier for the masses, and the vax is probably as well.
      Personally I believe in God. I don't need to display my virtues. I'll follow God's plan, not Biden's.

    2. Brand new post up on this subject.

  2. An article being cited here and there - and from an unexpected source:

    The Liberals Who Can’t Quit Lockdown
    Progressive communities have been home to some of the fiercest battles over COVID-19 policies, and some liberal policy makers have left scientific evidence behind.

    1. Thanks, Bebe--I'll check that out. I believe that in the past The Atlantic has published a few hesitant and cautious appeals to--reason? I mean re Covid policies. I recall my doctor shaking his head and saying to me, All these centuries of scientific progress--out the window!

    2. From the article:

      "For many progressives, extreme vigilance was in part about opposing Donald Trump."

      Yeah--no sh*t! And exactly how sane is that??? But we know about progressives ...

    3. Mark, most of us recall that Kamala publicly trumpeted that she would never trust a vaccine promoted by President Trump.

      Their spiteful, juvenile opposition to and destruction of anything PDJT promoted is in large part the reason for the present chaos in our country. Would they ever admit they were wrong? Revisit some of his policies on illegal immigration? And much more that benefited our people? Blockheads tend to end up in cul de sacs of their own making...

    4. People in the grips of ideology. All else goes out the window. It's very much like a cult.