Monday, May 3, 2021

Credit Where It's Due--Babylon Bee In Class Of Its Own

What can you say? Note the date--a month and a half ago:

Press Secretary Jen Psaki reported that today, President Biden sat down with the top experts in the world to figure out which unions have the most money, and then unapologetically follow the science of those unions.

“What people don’t understand about science is that a lot of it has to do with how much money you make, and how many votes you control,” explained Jen Psaki. “The scientific method is an objective way to find the truth. We simply hypothesize how much money a union will give us, and then see how much they actually do. Then we repeat the experiment.”

“The results are fascinating. Grocery stores, for example, are safe from COVID because cashiers don’t make much money and aren’t politically organized. But the virus is extremely dangerous to schools in blue states where the teacher's unions are compulsory and run so well. Science is amazing!”

One weird trick--Dem politics version!

And here's another example of the fascinating results that flow from following the scientific method, again featuring the government teachers unions:

‘Non-negotiable’: Illinois Teachers Union Demands Extension Of Health Emergency Law To Private Schools, Homeschools


This has nothing to do with health and safety. It is yet another power grab by teachers unions intent on destroying private competition in any way they can.


  1. On Saturday, Ivor Cummins posted a long talk about COVID-19 by a recently retired professor of pathology, Dr. John Lee. He says that since he has retired, he now is free to speak his mind without being fired.

    There are only a few visual aids; the video mostly shows just Dr. Lee sitting on a chair in an empty room as he talks. His talk lasts 44 minutes, but I was captivated that entire time as I listened to him.

    1. One of the best parts of Dr. Lee's talk is his debunking of the fear that COVID-19 is spread significantly by asymptomatic carriers.

    2. Very informative, just one thing I question...

      I'm surprised he praised the vaccine rollout so highly. He mentioned several times how successful it is.


    3. Yesterday, You Know Who made a major point about this vaccine BS:

      "If your vaccine protects you from COVID; and if the vaccine actually does do what the government and media tell you it does; then why would you be worried about someone else’s vaccine status?
      If the vaccine works, presumably you are protected; *my not* being vaccinated does not increase *your risk* or pose a threat.

    4. Denninger today, on the vaccine:

      < The CDC still claims the spike protein in the shots is "harmless", despite three scientific papers dating to December stating otherwise, one of which is peer reviewed, and another from Salk, with the first known published evidence of a problem dating back to September of 2020.
      All were deliberately ignored, and still are being ignored.

      (Quoting from the CDC):
      "COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions, for our cells to make a *harmless* piece of what is called the “spike protein.”
      The spike protein is found, on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19."

      The science says it's *not harmless*; it is in fact pathogenic. The CDC is lying, and as a result people are dying.
      If you think this can remain "under wraps", and not get into the public consciousness, you're wrong. While the pharma firms may have legal *immunity*, no private entity or public other entity does, and the ambulance chasers will be out in droves, to make the next $10 or $50 billion windfall, asset-stripping *colleges* and their endowments, sports teams, concert venues, and other commercial and government entities, of every bit of flesh they can pick off.... >
      From .

    5. @ Mike, thanks for the Dr. Lee vid. Very good.

  2. An illuminating article titled A Covid Death? The Bureaucracy Decides was written by Joy Fritz, an expert on death certificates.

    Joy Fritz worked at two separate mortuary firms for over 6 years in Los Angeles County, processing nearly 5,000 death certificates. She coordinated the death record registration communications between doctors, medical examiner/coroners, and the local and state vital record registrars to accomplish the necessary death certificate process. She is in the process of creating a nonprofit, the Factual Reporting Advocacy Network, with the mission to help educate and support families, funeral homes, and medical certifiers in improving the quality and validity of the causes attributed to death.

    Fritz thinks that COVID-19 statistics base on death certificate are distorted and unreliable. The article includes the following passages:

    The causes of death listed on a death certificate were never designed to be the immovable pillars of science, medicine, or law in the first place. As laid out by the CDC, both the physician handbook and medical examiner/coroner’s handbook state that causes of death are a medical opinion, and that these opinions can change from provider to provider.

    When I worked as a death certificate clerk, I occasionally would send death certificate worksheets to multiple doctors involved in a patient’s care if we had a rush to bury or cremate. In these situations we needed to cast a wider net to find a rapidly responding doctor to finish the record before final disposition. Many times each physician would report an entirely different cause of death.

    In general, if someone died in a hospital, the hospitalist would put the acute condition they treated the patient for while leaving out pre-existing chronic conditions. The primary care or hospice physician would put a chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension that they prescribed regular meds for, with very little information about the past few weeks or days of health decline. And a specialist would put the specific condition they were managing as the cause of death, such as stage 4 kidney disease and any disease-specific complications that, in their opinion, could explain the demise.


    On March 24th, 2020, only 11 days after the first pandemic-related lockdown started, and well before widespread testing was available, the NVSS gave hand-holding guidance to the medical certifiers, local registrars, and mortality statistics coders on precisely how they ought to spotlight COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death on death certificates. They boldly declared that COVID should be the underlying cause on a death certificate “more often than not,” even without laboratory confirmation of infection. When they created this COVID alert in March, and followed up by releasing this COVID death recording guidance a few days later, we couldn’t have possibly had enough country-specific statistics to justify such a drastic departure in coding COVID deaths, compared to how other infectious disease fatalities are recorded.

    So the NVSS actually dictated a belief to the community of death certificate medical certifiers and vital records registrars — our cause-of-death approval gatekeepers — before having any reasonable disease surveillance infrastructure established to support their claim of probability of undiagnosed COVID being the cause of death, greatly amplifying the perception of COVID mortality.


    This year has centered one pathogen as a primary cause of death, bolstered by a biased infrastructure of mortality statistics tabulation that has skewed the scientific process of data capture needed rationally to steer medicine, public policy, and public perception. Without consistent guidance from accurately reported cause-of-death information, science and medicine cannot apply their resources and recommendations wisely to save the highest number of lives. ...

    1. All of this works together with other things. I hope to do a transcript of a kinda big picture exposition later today.


    3. Also interesting - and distressing - were the reports that Covid tests were being given post-mortem. Any dead person who showed a positive test result would then be entered as a Covid death. One of the most extreme examples was a young man killed in a motorcycle crash who tested positive for Covid in the morgue. He was counted as a Covid death.

  3. Stating the obvious but... We blame the unions for doing what unions do, we however let the DOE create this mess to begin with.

    Because we let Carter create the DOE.

    Insert CDC creation in here somewhere...

    Because we let Nixon and others chip away at the gold standard.

    Because we let congress create the reserve and the funny money that makes everything Government possible.

    It's a comedy of errors with all of the warnings that were ignored.

    If the Bee has not, they should run a story on Repubs fixing all of this by retaking the house. 🙄

    I'm cynicism shouldn't be taken as hyperbolic, it's just the sad truth that we always ignore of *how* we got here... A Government's natural state is to expand, we've yet to learn to stop that process, let alone how to start undoing it.

    We should do better...

    1. The dynamics of government employee unions is very different from that of private sector unions.

    2. FDR knew better than to allow public employee unions. JFK did not. It is a serious category error to think that we can strip unions, pols, bureaucrats, judges, and the various feds of their power over us via elections. They all know their survival depends upon maintaining that fiction. I'm probably paraphrasing this incorrectly, but somebody said (Einstein?) that you cannot solve problems on the same level at which the problem is manifested. Fancy way of saying that you cannot cure an illness by treating the symptoms. We voted for everything and everyone who has caused the problems we face. We are not going to vote our way out of it. "We have met the enemy and he is us."

    3. Why I preach personal transformation.

    4. I can understand why folks on the Right beef about the fall of the gold standard, but it really is more complex than that.
      For a very pro-gold critique of that Standard, see the views of FoFoA, known for espousing the "FreeGold" view of int'l finance, e.g. at , and (subscr.) .

    5. For another free glimpse at FreeGold thought, see .

    6. From the last link:
      < FOFOA on how the *Freegold* view on gold is different, from the "classic *goldbug*" view:

      "For A/FOA, gold is the master proxy for real wealth, meaning not money, but the actual wants and needs that contribute to our standard of living. That's real wealth, useful things, and gold is the useless proxy we can save and exchange for those things in the future.

      To goldbugs, on the other hand, gold is the rhetorical proxy, for a whole menu of other metals, commodities, hard assets, and shares in the companies that produce them.
      When goldbugs talk about gold, they're really talking about gold and silver… and platinum and palladium, and rhodium and mining shares, and so on...."

    7. A huge diff between gold, vs. silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and mining shares, is that none of these are held by any Central Bank, likely much because most of these (save for silver) have never had *any* role, let alone been the backbone of, the int'l financial system, since ancient times.
      When the Arabs paved the Dome of the Rock's roof with gold, they "voted" for gold as "God's metal", knowing that gold wouldn't tarnish (as does silver).

    8. To clarify, the next $$ crisis will bring, not a return to the gold standard, but the emergence of a int'l gold market, free of meddling by the IMF/ LBMA crowd's allowing, of massive naked shorting of the gold Contracts markets.
      When the crisis threatens to send the $$ system into a Medieval-level tailspin, gold's price will have to Cleanly Float with fiat currencies, instead of the Dirty Float which has dominated things since the gold standard collapsed in '71.
      For others' thoughts on this and related matters (e.g. gold's historic role; and the famous Triffin Dilemma, about int'l trade imbalances), see e.g. , and .

    9. On the demise of the gold standard, some argue that this became inevitable after WWI, when some of its key features were altered.
      See Antal Fekete, at e.g. , esp. the opening section, and the sections on "The Real Bills Doctrine", and "Self-Liquidating Credit".
      For more on the latter aspect, see .

      For a critique of Fekete's view of the Real Bills Doctrine, see .

      For FoFoA on the demise of the gold standard, see , on (Reuff on) the 1922 Genoa Conference on int'l finance.

    10. Fekete's writing on the second_greatest story ever told is about Medieval trade fairs' practice, of extending collaterallized short-term credit, and how this practice came to dominate the world's pre-WWI trade.

  4. @PD Quid and Mark

    Amen to both statements!

  5. @aNany,

    Impressive! I don't know many that can link drop on gold. Agreed on much of that!

    I owe my own interests to the late Ludwig von Mises, the Mises Institute, by proxy of Ron Paul's non stop persistency of economics.

    1. devil, referring to me as "link dropping" is an interesting way to put it, but I understand your meaning to be clearly friendly.
      My main point was, that many knowledgeable Righties tend to be hooked on the gold standard, but are missing key considerations, incl. aspects of historical backgroud.
      Adding to my prior comments, we should consider the role of the Euro in the quest for int'l monetary stability.
      At , the following was written about Giscard d’Estaing:

      "He supported return to a world monetary system based on the ‘eternal’ *role* of gold, eliminating the reserve currency status of the dollar and sterling.
      In that period, mixing disdain with envy, he coined the phrase ‘exorbitant privilege’, describing the benefits accruing to the world’s prime reserve currency.
      The expression, which some experts attribute originally to legendary economist and Banque de France eminence Jacques Rueff, was taken up by de Gaulle to criticise America’s prosperity to issue depreciating dollars, and fund massive profitable foreign investment."

      Knowledgeable folks see de Gaulle, d’Estaing, and Rueff as the fathers of the Euro, and FoFoA argues that much of the point of the Euro was, to pave the way for FreeGold.

    2. Spelling booboo: "historical backgroud" should been "historical background".