Thursday, May 6, 2021

UPDATED: Government Teachers' Unions Poised To Run Government Schools?

In a brief article--All Three of the Nation’s Largest School District Heads Have Resigned--Eric Lendrum observes:

The high-profile resignations reflect a rising sentiment across the country among American parents against school districts, education officials, and teachers’ unions amidst the ongoing pandemic. When the lockdowns first began in March of 2020, virtually all schools in the nation were shut down before eventually transitioning to online learning. But as the lockdowns for schools continued, often at the behest of teachers’ unions who forced districts to bend to their will, parents increasingly began protesting the continued lockdowns and demanding students be allowed to return to in-person learning.

The three districts, of course, are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Lendrum wants to put a positive gloss on this--the parents are having an effect. The reality may be very different. I read this as school administrators throwing up their hands and basically turning control of the schools over to the politicized unions.

I can't speak for NY and LA, but in Illinois the teachers unions have recently been given almost complete control over when and why they can decide to strike--who would want to run a huge school district in such circumstances. Already the teachers union is claiming that the School Board has failed to keep its bargain for reopening. The obvious threat in that claim is that the teachers will strike unless all those demands--and probably additional demands--are not met in full. The dirty not-so-secret fact is that school lockdowns have been very popular with the "teachers." This bodes very ill for the young people in our three largest cities--and therefore for the nation. Lockdowns and strikes are only one weapon in the union arsenals--they have a lot more going for them. But the Zhou regime has already made clear that they're with the teachers unions.

Meanwhile, here's an article I saw yesterday:

Catholic Schools Beat Public Schools in Reading and Math

No doubt other private schools can make the same claim, but Catholic schools run the most comprehensive alternate systems in most areas.

UPDATE: When I said the government unions want to run government schools, that understated the scope of their ambitions:

Illinois Teachers Unions Attempt A Huge Power-Grab Over Private Schools

If Illinois teachers unions get their way, expect even more young learners to be turned away from the in-person education they desperately need.

Teachers unions in Illinois are pushing a bill through the General Assembly that would strip local school districts, health departments, and private schools of their authority to make health-related decisions, centralizing those powers at the state level.

House Bill 2789 requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to create new regulations governing in-person instruction, which must “include, but … not [be] limited to, personal protective equipment, cleaning and hygiene, social distancing, occupancy limits, symptom screening, and on-site isolation protocols.” Any school — public or private — failing to comply with these new regulations would not be allowed to offer in-person instruction in Illinois.


Catholic and other private schools have been open since September--WITH NO PROBLEMS. That gives the lie not only to the government unions but to the whole Covid Hoax narrative--and so must be stopped. The political pandemic.


  1. Maybe OT, but since the topic is corruption,

    I see the Dems have forced the Arizona audit to stop validating signatures. Why would the auditing group give in to that?

    Also, DOJ stepping in...


    1. bear in mind that the Dems used signature verification to keep Kanye off the ballot in Illinois

      ...and then when people wrote him in anyway they issued a policy directing that his votes be assigned to Biden

  2. My alma matter Hillsdale College has told Michigan Governor Hitler Whitmer to bug off. It held in-person commencement last year. When she ordered schools closed last fall, professors & students met in professors' homes. I don't think HC ever enforced a mask requirement. See: