Wednesday, September 2, 2020

SWC Had Me Breaking Up

It was October 15, 2018 — a Monday.  My name’s Friday, I carry a badge. 
It was sunny in Los Angeles but not hot – a typical autumn day in the City of Angels.  I was working bunko in the FBI LA Field Office.  The boss was Paul Delacourt (Pauly-D), Assistant FBI Director. 
I was spending my afternoon organizing binder clips in my desk drawer by size, and thumb drives by storage capacity when the No. 2 in the office, SAC Voviette Morgan, stuck her head in my cubicle and said “The boss feels like a ballgame.  I lined up some comps from a guy who owed me — we’re leaving in 10.  Can’t take the chopper — too high profile.  Everyone drive their Bu car.  We’ll go Code 3 in a caravan to the stadium the way Comey taught us.” 
Dodger Stadium was the call.  The Boys in Blue v. the BrewCrew from Milwaukee in a MLB playoff game. I hoped the brews would be gratis in recognition thereof.  But was I wrong.

And it continues.


  1. I’ve been reading Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch/Mickey Haller books as relief from incessant politics. This sounds like more of the same… sans the bodies. Now I’ll go back and read SWC for content… :)

  2. "Just the facts, ma'am...."

    IF only Joe Friday had been on the job during all this mess...

  3. Connelly is fabulous. On Amazon, his books turned TV show called “Bosch.” The show follows the book really well. A crime beat reporter who has extensive Southern California police contacts and resources.

    In the books, but emphasized more in the show, Bosch has not good interactions with the FBI.

    Sorry, Mark.

    Joseph Wambaugh is another good police author, a former LAPD Officer/Detective.

    - TexasDude