Thursday, September 10, 2020

Campaign Gift For Trump?

Just up at Red State. I'd say the Trump campaign should be putting this front and center in their campaign ads, right next to the riotous Dems:

Caught on Tape: Los Angeles County Schools Will Open – After the Election

What's so magical about the election and what does that have to do with public health? I guess Trump is a public health issue, right? Like so many other things these days.

You can find the recording at this link--it was played on KFI AM in the LA area, The most relevant portion starts just before 2:00 and continues to around 3:00, at which point discussion begins.

But via Red State here's the transcript. It features LA County Director of Public Health, Dr.(Not of the medical variety) Barbara Ferrer talking to a gaggle of school administrators:

“So we uh don’t realistically anticipate moving that we would be moving to either Tier 2 or to reopening K-12 schools at least through… at least until after the election, after  you know, early November. Like when we just look at the timing of everything it seems to us the more realistic approach to this would be to think that we are going to be where we are now, until we are done with the elections.” [Emphasis Added] 
Hosts John and Ken both picked up on it immediately on the timeframe: 
John: “That seems odd.” 
Ken: “What does this have to do with the Elections?” 
John: “That’s right.” 
Ken: “That makes no sense.  She just picked a date, the Elections.” 
John: “So can I..(interrupted by Ken) could I interpret it as they are holding off until the election because sending the kids back into school would uh..” 
Ken: “Would be a plus sign for Trump?” 
John: “… would put everyone in a good mood, they would feel the whole nightmare is over and that uh, gives goodwill to Trump and more votes. Is that what they are doing? Are they manipulating the school date based on whatever? I mean it’s not going to have any effect in California…” 
Ken:  “It is odd that she picked the elections. She could have said Halloween which is a few days before..” 
John: “And what do they expect to change between now and November? What is this? Because originally it was only a hospital measure. It was only about running out of hospital beds and ventilators. That fear, never materialized we are long past any dangers that the hospitals get overloaded why are they clinging to this?”

While the hosts of the radio show ask the obvious question, How would this change anything in California, it does occur to me that there have been a number of worrisome (for Dems) elections recently in California. Is this what's going on around the country? I've always thought so.


  1. The cadaverous County Health Officer Barbara Ferrer, PhD, is having a swell time playing the Red Queen in this very large county that includes populous City of Los Angeles, but a whole lot of suburban territory that has not been hit as hard by Covid. Makes no diff to Mayor Eric and Barbara. Drunk on power...

  2. No surprise. We all knew this.

    1. I certainly believed that, but it's nice to have confirmation on tape. I believe this is a major issue for ordinary parents in many parts of the country.