Saturday, September 26, 2020

Is Something Afoot In Blue America?

My wife sent me an article from Fox about something that happened yesterday in deepest Blue Illinois. What happened was a pretty much impromptu demonstration, sparked by an anti-Trump sign that the Village of Northbrook has allowed a liberal activist to display in a public park. Here's the sign, which obviously parrots the line of Illinois' ueber liberal and ueber wealthy governor Pritzker, that attempts to pin blame for Covid deaths on President Trump alone:

Northbrook is a North Shore suburb of Chicago and trends very definitely liberal on the political spectrum--if you view this at the original site the dot located Northbrook on the spectrum is at the left edge of the second palest blue bar:

The sign has become a flashpoint in what I'm pretty sure is a normally very placid community, and Friday a local high school student sponsored a rally against the sign that attracted far more support than anticipated. Note among the issues mentioned, beyond Covid, is: reopening government operated schools. In deepest Blue Cook County I've seen polls showing support for reopening government run schools at 75-85%, varying by school district. Some are now reopening, perhaps spurred by the success of the still fairly large Catholic school (and other private schools) in reopening on schedule. Of course, the extreme left Chicago teachers union has made sure that Chicago schools, serving heavily Black and Hispanic populations, remain closed.

Pro-Trump crowd in Illinois opposes Trump-bashing 'Coronavirus Death Scoreboard'

A fiery pro-Trump crowd gathered in a northern Chicago suburb Friday after an anti-Trump display critical of the president's handling of the coronavirus was placed at a busy intersection in the downtown area.

"We were only anticipating 15 people coming," organizer Peter C., a Northbrook, Ill., high school student, told Fox News. "We got a lot more than 15."

Anti-Trump demonstrators showed up, but in far fewer numbers. They demonstrated their usual class by spewing obscenities--in a community where public obscenity is still shocking.

At least 50 pro-Trump protesters proudly waved flags and signs supporting the president in a town that's widely perceived as being quite liberal.

A much smaller group of anti-Trump counter-protesters gathered across the street. Many of the cars passing through honked in support of President Trump, some even waved their own Trump banners from their vehicles.


A few people booed the pro-Trump crowd. One young woman yelled, "F--- you!" and raised her middle finger as she blasted the 2016 song "FDT (F--- Donald Trump)" by rappers YG & Nipsey Hussle from her car stereo.

But here may be a real key--the liberal drive to close schools, shut down normal life, and silence criticism:

"We're here to protest for the reopening of our schools, our education system, and the funding of our police," Peter, a junior and moderator of his high school's conservative page on Instagram, told Fox News.

Two Northbrook residents, Richard and Florence, showed up at the demonstration in protest of the anti-Trump display, calling it "defamatory" toward the president.


"I think the liberals over there have a few people that have no answers," Richard pointed across the street. "They've been sitting here now for the last hour swearing at us, giving us the finger, calling the president a racist. ...

"They have a blind hatred for the president -- and no answers to why."

Florence said she believes there's a lot of "closet Trumpers that are finally coming out of the closet" because they're "tired of a spin that's not true." Richard similarly told Fox News that some people were "afraid" to put Trump signs outside their house because they feared "vandalism and retribution."

Obviously this is anecdotal, and the demonstration was relatively small. Still, if this is happening in Blue America, could it mean that something is afoot? Are normal Americans getting 'woke' to the true Prog agenda--and finding that it's a threat to the American way of life that they've taken for granted?


  1. Mark. I think you and I are on opposite ends of this metro area. Link to a local Patch article on this. To summarize Northbrook has for years had an ordinance where they allow political signage near their downtown for 1st amendment expression. It’s a small area but protected by the ordinance. Village trustees now rethinking this per the article.

    1. No, I'm not from the Northbrook area.

    2. Understood. I’m not too far. Closer to Evanston.

  2. The Dems and their rioting hordes are now so far Left. Off the charts. Some moderate Dems have to be quietly rethinking their allegiance to the party which, as Ronald Reagan once said, has left them. I know Dems in California. No one is talking, but I cannot imagine their tolerating the insanity that Gavin Newsom and the Dem-dominated legislature are forcing on all Californians - Republicans, Democrats, undecideds. Democrats do not have a 51% majority in CA. They do outnumber the Republican registered voters and the growing No Party Preference registrants, each of which is at about 24%. The Dems, when I last looked, had registrations in the 46th percentile. Those numbers were posted in July; the next posting at the Secretary of State’s website will be 15 days before the election. There has been a lot of rioting, looting, murders and mayhem since July.

    Some don’t understand how populous California is. For perspective, our percentage amounts to 5 million+ Republican voters. How many there are in the No Party Preference group - also 5 million+ - is unknown. But if they were hardcore Democrats, that is how they’d have registered, so maybe they are our swing voters this time?

  3. Biden is AWOL from the campaign, and the upcoming debate (if it happens) will become the final turning point for his participation. He was supposed to bow out before the Democrat Convention, but the Clintons pushed for him to stay in and take the drugs. Bad mistake.

    Every week (if not daily), Trump rolls out another "Yuge" winning accomplishment . . . Amy Coney Barrett will now become the next Supreme Court Justice. And there will be more Mideast announcements of normalized relations with Israel. If this had been done by a Democrat, the Earth would have stopped spinning until all possible praise could be heaped upon the new Messiah.

    And the Democrat political strategy of riots, racial division, de-fund the police, reparations bribery, and pack the Court are stampeding the Swing Voters to the right. Not even a major voter fraud attack can work if the vote is not close. And finally, the MSM is once again pushing a narrative that a Biden victory is inevitable. How well did that work in 2016.

    This post is not simply an anecdote, it is foreboding omen of the collapse of the dinosaurs that have been running the Democrat Party and Deep State for decades now. All they have left now is . . . burn it down; and no one wants to ride on that bus with a suicidal driver.

  4. This is a good sign that normal people may be fed up with the Liberal/Democrat perversion of using anything (diseases, weather cycles, captive audiences, etc.) to push their personal politics onto everyone.

  5. "the Democrat political strategy of riots, racial division...."

    Just days ago, Codevilla posted a quite extensive analysis, of the current state of play between Elites and Deplorables, this hinging on the election’s outcome. Long excerpt:

    If the Left gets victory in 2020,
    "attorneys general, agency potentates, mayors, and corporate officials who are part of or partial to these groups, would see it as more to their advantage than ever, to **act against deplorables**: investigations to harass, lawsuits to bankrupt, arrests to defame, seizures of property, firings, cancelings, restraining orders, custody of children… there is no limit to how people can be hurt by willful uses of power….

    What if They Lose?
    Donald Trump’s reelection would reduce the intersectionals’ confidence a bit, and give the Right side of American life a bit more leeway, as it chooses new leadership. In this slightly calmer atmosphere, the beginning of the 2024 election cycle would open a host of possibilities.
    But it would not end our revolution, any more than the ruling class’s victory would. The revolution’s essentials would remain, and its logic would continue to unfold. The ruling class, having failed peaceably and hence firmly to establish oligarchy, remains pressed by the deplorables on one side, and its chosen *intersectional* instruments on the other. It dares not try *dismounting* the tiger it rides….”
    (From .)

    My view is that Codevilla is neglecting the prospect, that Barr/ Durhams’ busts (esp. of Mueller/ Comey/ Brennan/ Hillary) could quite change some of these dynamics.

  6. This is not precisely on topic but someone is dropping $30k to get black people to leave Portland prior to the Proud Boy rally. Expect to see clips/political advert's of black families riding the roofs of overflowing buses, children dragging suitcases down the open highway, parents concealing kids in the undergrowth to "flee the white supremacist attack on Portland". A Lawrence KS remake. And just in time for an election that may see the largest black turnout for a Republican since the turn of the 20th Century.

    1. My point being that somebody, probably one of Soros's surrogates, has such a low opinion of black's as to try to trick them to be, for a mere $150, paid extras in a bunch of political ads. Is $150 scale for two days work as extras in a theatrical production? After all Oregon is a union state if memory serves.

    2. That has been emerging as a democrat tactic: manufacture events, capture the imagery. Their MSM minions will take it from there.

      Rinse and repeat.

  7. Has it occurred to anyone else that keeping college campuses closed will lower the college-aged voter participation rate, and subject them to the influence of their wiser parents; and not socialist college professors?

    1. Others have certainly pointed out that it will be far more difficult to contact students who have scattered back across the country, rather than all being congregated in one place. Who will persuade them to file absentee ballots or mail ones? Students don't do mail.

    2. Larry Schweikart estimates the Dems will lose about 1-1.5 million votes because of this one fact.


    3. Conservative parents should offer to take their liberal childrens votes to the post office, but preferably the elections office. wink, wink.