Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This Is The Type Of Transparency We Need Nationwide

One of my brothers lives in the Milwaukee area. He sent this Milwaukee County COVID-19 Dashboard page. Unfortunately I can't paste it in here. To me, this is close to a model for what should be, but isn't, available on a nationwide basis.

If you follow the link you'll see that there's a scalable map that aggregates cases by census tract. In addition it has information on the following categories:

Total Confirmed Cases in Milwaukee County: 295

Total Confirmed Deaths in Milwaukee County: 3

Confirmed Cases by Municipality

Confirmed Case Count by Age Range

Total Positive Case Count by Day

I particularly call your attention to the section Confirmed Case Count by Age Range which confirms that--if this pattern is in any way typical of the US--sequestering oldies is a questionable strategy

I can't paste it, but here's how the numbers come out:

0-9: 1
10-19: 4
20-29: 42
30-39: 48
40-49: 65
50-59: 54
60-69: 52
70-79: 25
80+: 4

Of course there are lots of factors that go into that. For example, we don't know what percentage of the total population within the age group those numbers represent. The sample size for Milwaukee is relatively small, as are the total deaths, but that's probably true for many similarly sized cities in the US. Also, note on the map that there does appear to be a bit of a pattern to the cases in a geographic sense.Nevertheless, one assumes it all must mean something.


  1. I think a map showing red COVID hot-spots growing & spreading to kill us all would be cool. There is no escape, people!

  2. Nice!

    Riverside County in So Ca says they can’t give city information, due to Hippa / privacy concerns.