Saturday, June 29, 2019

UPDATED: The Kama Sutra Harris Platform

1. Abortion--whenever!

2. Bus the kids!

3. Like your Health Insurance? Can't have it!

Wait, did I mention abortion?

4. Open borders--to replace the kids from #1!

5. Free healthcare for the kids in #4!

Any questions? Whaddaya mean 'yes'? You rasiss!

UPDATE: Will Chamberlain has proposed a slightly different platform for the Dems generally:

Will Chamberlain ‏

The 2020 Democrat platform:
- Orange Man Bad
- Open borders
- Universal health care for illegal immigrants
- Universal, free abortion at 39 weeks
- Free Antifa beatings for being conservative in public
- Deplatforming if you question any of the above
I'll pass, thanks. #MAGA
10:49 AM - 30 Jun 2019


  1. Does #2 include busing for #4?

    That will speed things along...

  2. She should demand AOC as running mate. The Dem's deserve it. The rest of us will just cling - bitterly.

    That she is the likely nominee reinforces the lament, "We live in mad times."

    1. I think the idea is that her running mate will be Butthead from South Bend. Or Around the Bend.

  3. Remind me again: how did things work out for McGovern in '72?

    1. I was there! All my McGovern loving college friends refused to believe me when I told them how badly he was gonna lose.

  4. One hopes that AG Barr is working on identifying and charging these Antifa fascists with civil rights violations.

    That's another great thing that he can do for the country.

    1. I'd really like to see him go after the city administrations and police departments. I believe the people who sued the city of San Jose for the riot during the election won. But it seems to me there must be civil right violations that DoJ could use to hammer the city administrations.

  5. My thoughts, as well, regarding civil rights violations.

    Let's go after the Democrat administrations the way that Holder went after the Ferguson Police Department and other PDs.

    1. If they get back in, the hammer will definitely fall.