Monday, June 3, 2019

UPDATED: Paul Sperry Gets It Right In Just Over 25 Words

Barely over 25 words. This is really what it was all about, IMO:

Mueller wasn't just investigating alleged espionage, he was investigating Trump's anti-globalist foreign policy, witnessed by Mueller's strange months-long probe of the Center for the National Interest, which advocates for a non-interventionist foreign policy based on realism

Washington-based Russian expert Dimitri Simes, who appears to have had influence on Jared Kushner's foreign policy platform, based on the Mueller report, has made occasional appearances during the past two years – though more frequently in Russian media outlets.
The Mueller report says that during the 2016 campaign, Simes, who heads a think tank called the Center for the National Interest, prepared a "Russia Policy Memo" for Kushner.
In it, Simes described "a well-documented story of highly-questionable connections between Bill Clinton" and the Russian government. The memo was forwarded to senior Trump campaign officials, including then-Trump campaign Paul Manafort and deputy chairman Rick Gates.
Mueller's prosecutors described Simes in the report as personally having "many contacts with current and former Russian government officials," and cited his think tank's own description of itself as having "unparalleled access to Russian officials and politicians among Washington think tanks." According to the report, the center grew out of an organization founded by former President Richard Nixon.
According to the report, however, Simes had also previously advised Kushner that it was "bad optics" for the campaign to develop "hidden Russian contacts," and told Kushner to not "highlight Russia as an issue" and to handle any Russian contacts with care, according to the report.
The report also revealed that after the 2016 election, Simes was contacted by an associate working for Petr Aven, the head of Russia's biggest bank -- Alfa Bank -- to establish direct communication between the Trump administration and the Russian government. The report said he declined, saying he did not want to be seen as an intermediary between Trump world and Kremlin.

Mueller report reveals Kushner's contacts with a ‘pro-Kremlin’ campaign adviser

Dimitri Simes, who runs a Washington think tank, offered advice on Russia policy and even peddled rumors about the Clintons.


  1. Wow. This is news to me. Mueller is "investigating" The Center for the National Interest? Which hosted the April 27,2016 Trump "Foreign Policy" speech ("The nation-state remains the true foundation of happiness and harmony")that removed my last doubts about him? ("Good HEAVENS!Someone who GETS IT!")

    Where can I read more about this?

  2. Woops. Forgot to add my initials to that Anon comment.

  3. While Dimitri Simes was being investigated, not a single official in the DOJ, FBI, Special Counsel staff or CIA dared to laugh out loud at the blatant absurdity.

    1. And if you read the linked articles you'll see that the authors are still basically trying to slime Simes with innuendo.

  4. On a prior thread the question came up as to whether a declination of prosecution was binding going forward. I responded 'No,' and pointed out that Comey "declined" on Hillary, then reopened the case a few months later. Manafort is another example. The Feds declined to prosecute Manafort 8 years ago on the same charges. The prosecutor at that time was Rod Rosenstein.